Saturday, December 24, 2005

Monday, December 05, 2005

well, as per usual my life is interesting. a woman i used to go to library reading with when i was 3 just got back in touch w/ me through my parents 'cause they were curious and looked them up. the last thing i remember about her and her sister is that we used to jump around on pillows in her basement...i think. it's a little hard to remember.
please, someone else out there tell me at least 1 person has randomly popped back into your life since i've had 4 in the past 2 years!

Monday, November 28, 2005

so bell has now perpitrated the biggest f#%^ up of all time!!!!!
if you remember my posts from sept i mentioned how we transferred the line from london to toronto, had a bit of a fiasco w/ that. for some incomprehensible reason they left the line open in london but did not charge us for it. L actually called and asked them to charge for it but they said that that was not possible. they actually refused to bill her for the service.
today, pi recieved a bell bill. keeping in mind that he cancelled his service (including a dsl line he was not paying for and could not use) over a month ago, this was a bit of shock. an even greater shock is the fact that, although he has paid all of his bills up until the time at which he cancelled the service, this bill is for june - sept 2005. also, although the bill is actually in his phone number and in his name there are large long distance charges to numbers that are in the same area code. in fact, to a house that he could walk to in less than half an hr. there is also a call to san francisco and several calls to yellow knife.
needless to say, he is not paying that bill. the calls were not made from his phone number. pi is going to call them on wed to sort it out. i really want to be in on that phone call!!!

Friday, November 25, 2005

grumble grumble grumble $%^&* bell %^&* grumble

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Monday, November 14, 2005

another fabulous weekend w/ more partying!

my dad's cousins were up from kentucky this weekend and we were drafted as tour guides for much of sat. we had a great time.
had an engagement party that night. that you VERY much for the REALLY nice table cloth, napkins w/ rings, and coasters. also, thank you to pi's family for the also SUPER nice jug! we should get engaged more often!

on sun we went to a city-wide pillow fight and had a great time. what a crazy idea! at least pi and i don't go on boring 'dates'!

i tried to hang the photo box on the wall today, but i think it's going to tare the dry wall down. i wish i had another shelf. maybe i'll turn the printer sideways to give it room on the end of the desk....?

Monday, November 07, 2005

pi and i had a great weekend in k w/ pm and, for a little while, mt as well :) we built a small boat, watched kung fu hustle and monty python and the holy grail on sat, and went out for a really good dinner and an excellent breakfast.
thanks for the hospitality pm!

in other news, while it's not exactly good news, we finally know what's wrong w/ grammy. she has cancer. while that is NEVER good news, now that they know what it is maybe they can do something about it, tell us what to expect, etc. and that is, in a way, somewhat comforting.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

well, as per usual i'm having trouble w/ bell. my internet has gone down or flaky almost every week since they set it up. i have called bell several times and they keep saying it's fixed...then i get to call again a day or 2 later to tell them no it isn't 'casue it's down again. luckily, the ppl in their billind dpt are reasonable and see things my way. ie, i shouldn't be paying for service i'm not my bill has been reduced every month so far. this month they're realizing that i'm becoming an expensive customer and they'd better fix it, so they put in an escalated work order and are going to check EVERYTHING. we'll see how it goes :P

Sunday, October 30, 2005

this weekend we had a party to celebrate and the crew, as usual, found new ways to embarrass us. good times were had by all :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Potatos vs Roses

Roses only last like a couple weeks
and that's if you leave them in water.
they really only exist to be pretty
so that's like saying
"my love for you is transitory and based solely on your appearance"
but a potato!
potatos last for ever!
in fact, not only will they not rot
it will actually grow stuff if you just leave it in the sack
that part alone makes it a good symbol
but there's more!
there are so many ways to enjoy a potato!
you can even make a battery with it!
and that's like saying
"i have many ways in which I show my love for you"
and potatos may be ugly, but they're still awesome
so that's like saying "it doesn't matter at all what
you look like, I'll still love you"

Monday, October 24, 2005

bigger news than muffins!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

so far the highlight of this week was that we aquired an ice cream sandwich maker and everyone in the apartment thinks i'm a HUGE geek.
my auto class is going to R&M in Chatham tomorrow, that should be fun. next week we're going to the Henry Ford museum in Dearbourn, MI. i'll let everyone know how that goes and maybe post some pics.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

for the general shittyness of most ppl's situations right now, a general request for prayer/deep thinking/general sympathy/whatever it is you do for the crew, it's family, and affiliates.

Monday, October 03, 2005

This weekend was home coming. It's the frist time I've been in L for it! PI and I went to watch the parade. When it was over we started walking back to campus where we'd left the car and, since we were moving faster than the parade passed the H float again. They called for us to get up on the float and gave us a ride back to campus provided we smiled and waved at everyone as we went by. Pity I hadn't thought of wearing my H shirt! Oh well. It was fun. I'd never been on a float before and neither had PI :)

Thursday, September 29, 2005

weirdest thing happened last night.
we got back from the bar and we all went to bed. it was about 1am when i got into bed after doing some stuff that had to be done on the computer. at about 1.15 someone came into my room, opened my computer, and did something w/ it. when i mumbled at them they said 'sorry, i'll just be a sec.' then they left and didn't close the door behind them.
in the morning i asked everyone here and none of them remembers coming into my room.
nothing seemed different about the computer, but the door was still open when i got up and i never leave it open when i'm asleep.
i don't dream that vivedly and i haven't done any sleep walking since the last time i was really sick. it's really creeping me out.

in other news aparently my dad is going to saudi arabia for work! he probably won't be home for tg :(
so guess what
i don't have internet again!
f*****g bell!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

well, i finally have internet! *everyone cheers*
classes are going well. tues are really exhausting, but not as bad as i expected. i usually just come home and crash.
we're going to rick tomorrow night 'cause it's a's birthday, then we're having ribs and cake thurs night for her 'family dinner' and a party fri night w/ everyone. looking fwd to it :) if i have time i'll bake something for it too :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

the continuing saga of my problems with bell:

When I transferred my phone line out of my aparement in L and into PI's apartment in T in april I used the online form to do the transfer. Aparently they didn't get the request so we had to wait another week while they sorted it out and transferred the number. When i emailed my room mate to tell her that the line had been transferred and not to worry she said the line was still working. After a bit of humming and hawing I called bell to ask if we could just have our old number back. Aparenly an answer (whether yes or no) costs $30. I gave up and my room mate called. She told them she wasn't going to pay them $30 'cause she was still able to make and receive calls on the old number and knew it was still free. They told her that was impossible and, after some arguing, she gave up and had a free phone connection for 4 months.

As well as this, the day the phone at PI's was supposed to be working we plugged it and got no dial tone. We called Bell and asked them what was wrong. They said they couldn't hook up a new phone line until their technicians came off strike. We said we'd had a phone line in the exact same apartment less than a year ago and they didn't need to put in a new line. They said there wasn't one existing at that address and we told them there were at least 4 existing at this address, 2 of which were not in use, make one work! They said they'd send someone over in less than 10 days if we could be home during the day to meet them. About 4 days later the phone just started working on its own.

When I called in Aug to have the internet reactivated in L (I had put it on hold) they said fine. As far as I know we had internet for about a week before the phone line finally died (as it was supposed to 4 months before). This left us w/o internet or a phone. I called bell and asked them to hook us back up with a new number since I wasn't about to pay them $30 to get the old number back. They said that would be fine and they could do it w/i 3 business days, which they did. They asked if I would like to order sympatico as well and I said yes. When they transferred me to sympatico the person there told me I couldn't activate internet on a phone number that didn't exist call back when I had a working phone. What was the point of that?!

I called back when the phone started working and they siad they would hook my internet up to my new phone number in 4-5 days (this being day 3 after the phone was dealt with). they called me back on day 3 of the 4-5 to tell me that they were still experiencing delays because of the strike they had this summer and couldn't hook me up before the 27th of sept (that was the 19th). in the mean time would I like a free unlimited dial up? sure I would. Better than nothing.

Yesterday I noticed that the dsl light was on on my modem but i wasn't getting an internet connection. I was too tired to deal with it. Today when I was working on my computer my mail notifier told me I had mail. I thought that was off considering I didn't have an internet connection. I opened my mail and aparently I DO have a connection! Except that it dies every 5 mins or so. I called Bell and they said that no, they had not set up my connection yet, no they could not do it any sooner than the 27th, and no, it was not possible that I had a connection anyway.

The long and the short of it is, I appologize to anyone trying to talk to me online since I drop off line every 5-10 mins for a bit.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

well, it's been a while since i've posted, but there's good reason for that :)

sept 2
s and d got married!!!! congrats s and d!!!
it was a really nice wedding. the food was great, the venue was nice, it was great to see ppl again, and i actually danced!

sept 3
chapel in the morning. it was also nice to be back at that.
followed by collective crew lunch
stratford - as you like it - w/ pm and pi :D it was great

sept 4
back to TO to spend 1 day cleaning up from the flood
we still haven't had time to unpack everything yet
pack for school and the wedding since i'm not going back until the oscc meeting and pi won't be home until after the wedding

sept 5
collect tuxes for the wedding, the guys go out and t and i stay home to do place cards, lable presents, and consume much wine and chinese food

sept 6-10
move to pi's parent's house and start wedding prep
huge amounts of shopping and insane prep later...

sept 10
it was a great ceremony and a great party.
the food was super and hopefully d will do our wedding too :)

sept 11
i's birthday
move back to london

sept 13
start classes

now things are relatively back to normal except that i don't have phone or internet and won't for another week yet *sigh* i hate bell!

Monday, August 29, 2005

things are chugging along at a pretty alarming rate.
this fri we drove to l for r's party. she's moving to inuvik for a year.
sat we drove to m to help prepare the parent's house for i and t's wedding.
put up wall paper and pressure washed the deck. i want a pressure washer! it's a fun toy.
sunday pi's mom and i got her hair done and went to t for t's wedding shower which was fun. my first wedding shower :)
we're still unpacking after the flood.
hopefully make it to altimara opera concert on wed. haven't seen a lot of those friends in a long time and i love that concert!
l thurs night
wedding fri
stratford sat
wedding prep for a week after that
then school starts
*sigh* i'll wake up tomorrow and discover october happened and i didn't notice.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

well, i don't actually have time to post 'cause i was on vacation for 3 days and no one did anything while i was gone so i have lots to do. here's a pointform version of events though.

* happy birthday pm <:) dim sum was great!
* storm - couldn't leave the office until 4.15 because of hail the size of quarters and insane amounts of rain. took 2.5 hours to drive to pi's office. there were cars floating across intersections, large sections of road washed out completely, people stuck everywhere etc. had to cover the computers etc in the office w/ plastic bags before we left b/c the rain started coming through the roof. sections of the parking lot washed out.
* got home after dim sum to find the apartment flooded. cleaned up a bit and went to do laundry and sleep at my parent's place.

* got up early and went to get boxes b/c the landlord said the entire floor would be redone.
* pi's parents as well as mine came to help us move as everything had to be off the floor for the tilers to redo everything while we were gone. we were supposed to get our passports renewed and leave for O that morning.
* my parents left to pick up bear at the airport. she was returning from germany.
* we eventually left for ottawa
* stopped at the big apple as pi had never been. took some pictures and bought some pie.
* arrived in ottawa at about 10. not bad considering. very tired

* spent most of the day in the mall shopping w/ my 'cousin' and her mother. had a nice time.
* went out for thai food for dinner. YUMMY but $$

* had a good, long, relaxing swim followed by the sauna. i remembered too late that i can't breath well in saunas.
* spent more time w/ 'family'

* got up early to drive to montreal
thanks for having us s, j, and m! we had a good and relaxing time. it was great to see you again
* arrived in montreal and, since my parents weren't there yet went to the biodome and insectarium
* moved bear into residence
* went out for dinner

* walked around and shopped until bear was finished her exam, bought a present for i and t's wedding shower which is on sunday
* went to the parent's lunch w/ bear and parents and left for home as we have an apartment to put back together
* got back home but the grout isn't dry yet so we can't put anything away.
* slept at my parent's again. will put things back tonight...enough to sleep and make a path to the bathroom anyway. the fridge would be nice too.

* back to work. no one has done much of my filing etc so it's a bit of a mess
* cousin j asked me to be a bride's maid!!! so i have to send my measurements to australia for the dress.
* was going to go to buskerfest as i've been busy every time it was on for the past 3-5 years...but as per usual i have to put the apt back together, find my school books as they were put in random boxes in the rush and are who knows where and fix my computer.

later this week
* going to l tomorrow night 'cause r is moving to the northwest territories soon. party!!!
* buying the rest of my school books
* going to pi's parent's to help w/ wedding prep
* bridal shower on sunday. i'm going to pi's mom.
* hopefully get our hair cut and do passports before the wedding next fri!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

happy early birthday to pm!!! since tomorrow doesn't look promising and i probably won't have much time to post.

today was my third dentist appointment this summer. it was horrible of course, but finally it's all over and i don't have to go again until march.

going to o and m this weekend to move bear to university. i'm looking forward to it. should be lots of fun and we'll be able to relax and sleep in and all that wonderful holiday stuff.

went to visit c on tues which was nice 'cause i hadn't seen her in quite a while. we had a nice dinner and dessert and went home to bed.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

you know bell charges $35 just to CHECK if a number you want can be assigned to you?! doesn't matter what the answer is, it's $35 to check! wondering if we shouldn't just change to vonage now and get it over with!

pi and i were both home sick yesterday. pi had managed to kill his back, neck, and wrist. he's on pills for one and has exercises for the other and we bought a new mattress to help with it as well. sooooooo comfy!!! i seem to have redeveloped the case of tmj i had in first year and have exercises to help w/ that as well. the smog, my posture, and stress are aparently what cause the headaches and muscle spasms.

in other news, i seem to have ireperably damaged my stapler :(

despite that, i'm in a good mood as tomorrow is our anniversary :) we're going to have a movie and dinner. also going on the company boat cruise on sat.

Monday, August 08, 2005

This weekend pi and i went to k for grammy's birthday. n and the kids were up and we had a very nice time. one of the nicest we've had up there which has put me in quite a good mood even though i'm tired. we gave grammy a dvd player for her birthday and she was extatic. we stopped at london fri night and said hi to l. r was away for the weekend and m wasn't back from work before we went to bed :( we stopped at the cheese store on the drive up to k on sat morning and got onion and parsley cheese.
the lake was finally warm enough to get in, so we went in w/ mom, and m. pi broke the noodle in half and it later broke into 5 pieces, so we played baseball in the lake with it. it was extremely funny and a lot of fun.
on sun we went to pi's parent's to help lay tile, but they had already done as much as they could. on the way we decided to pick up as much dinner by the side of the road as possible (w/o shades of THAT christmas). corn was easy, but all the places that carried other stuff weren't open on sundays :( the result was that we had maple butter, fudge, and a dozen corn cobs when we got to the house. bbq'd the corn and had burgers and 6 different flavours of fudge for dessert :) yum yum yum!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

for an update on last week check pi's blog, he pretty much covers it.

shakespeare in the park on fri. - much ado about nothing - was great :) really enjoyed it, it was a lot of fun!

after a party and private concert in barrie went to pi's cottage this weekend. almost every member on that side of the family and their friends were there at one point or another this weekend. we had a great time :) cottage food, reading in a hammock under a tree in perfect weather, sitting on the dock at night wondering where the stars are until the lightning shows you and you figure going back to the cottage would be a good idea, canoeing around the island, and other cottagy things :) i finally shook the headache i'd had for 2 weeks! i feel sooooooo much more relaxed.

going for my third dentist appointment this summer next week. hopefully they'll actually finish this time *grr*

Thursday, July 21, 2005

shakespeare has been rescheduled to july 29

Monday, July 18, 2005

well, seeing as it's hot and none of us seem to be doing well in the heat we spend most of our weekend watching movies. we saw batman begins with my dad on sat, and charlie and the chocolate factory with both my parents on sun. pi and i also watched billy elliot, driving miss daisy, the remainder of the dilbert box set, when harry met sally, the lady vanishes, and patton.
i really enjoyed batman begins. it's quite dark but i liked it. i've discovered that i like batman very much. futurshop had a box set of 4 batman movies on special (batman, batman returns, batman forever, and batman and robin) so guess what we're watching for the rest of this week :)
charlie and the chocolate factory was also very enjoyable. they made a couple plot changes and there were a few things i didn't like, but overall tim burton did a really good job. he has a new movie coming out called the corpse bride with animation that looks very much like his nightmare before xmas.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

well, more than time for a new post....and nothing much to say.

shakespeare on the 22nd. as soon as you can get away from work and to the, b/w 5 and 6.30.

picnic sign up list
desserts - pm, mt, and co.
fruit - b and pi
salad -
dinner -
random snacky stuff -

also, we're going to the chinese festival on the 23rd at harbourfront if anyone wants to come too.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

happy birthday to all those in july in case i don't get in touch with ppl in time:
1 - Canada
2 - Matt
4 - Phi, Maura
5 - Liane, Michelle
7 - Bear
10 - MT, Taddy
14 - Luca
18 - Sarah
25 - Mom
31 - Mrs. H.

hope i got everyone

Monday, July 04, 2005

happy canada day everyone :D
had a great long weekend. dropped by london on thurs night and left for kincardine on fri morning. nice to see the apartment again.
watched calander girls which was good, moon raker which i'd seen before, and half of patton which i'm looking forward to seeing the end of.
also went to the scottish festival to watch the pipers and highland games which were a lot of fun.
actually managed to take almost the entire gig worth of pics on my camera. when i got home i had 4 pics left :) i didn't even manage that many at conference.
finally got to see the caber toss which was exciting.
the fireworks were really spectacular even though they were postponed 'cause of excessive wind on fri night.
on our way home we got side tracked 'cause of traffic and unfamiliarity w/ the rout, but got to drop in on pi's parents and have a look at the progress of the preperations for the wedding.
it was a very nice weekend, but now i'm tired.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

well, the weekend has been interesting so far.
i really wanted to sleep in on sat, but pi had to go to the office at 7.30 so i was woken up by the alarm quite early in the morning. when i finally managed to get back to sleep i was woken up by the neighbours form upstairs who were upset 'cause we put the green bin garbage in the green bin and the raccoons spread it all over their front step. not my fault if they can't be bothered to tie up the garbage can, we bought them bungi cords to make it easier and gave them heavy rocks for the lid. when i didn't answer the door they emptied the green bin at the top of the stairs and the green bin "fell" down the stairs. at which pt i was definitely awake and opened the door to argue w/ them. they're not talking to us now. almost asleep again about an hr later after phoning pi at work to cry when the phone rang 2x w/ a wrong number. it was 10, i gave up trying to sleep. pi came home at 6.30 and we watched 'the black cauldron', ordered a pizza and went out to the festival of fire to watch the greek submission which was spectacular :)

sun 7.30 office again, finished at 1. spent some time walking around down town after lunch. we went looking for caravan but couldn't find it. instead we got home made lemonade and went back for the car. pi did another 2 hrs of ot when we went back to get the car. we are now going to have cherries and watch 'a chorus line'

14.5 hrs OT this weekend so far *sigh*

Monday, June 20, 2005

well, george lucas couldn't write dialogue to save his life, but star wars iii was worth seeing on the big screen. i would have been disappointed if i'd rented it instead.
too many movies i want to see this summer!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Well, it was a great weekend.
I couldn't go to s's surprise wedding shower, but i had a great time in kingston w/ pi, pm, and qs.
i do think pi should put on his coat and hat and drive around the core...i want to come too!
also had a good, if extremely hot, sunday. it was so hot pi and i jumped in the pool w/ our clothes on. it felt really strange, but we felt so much better when we got out!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

got some new movies :)
- the full monty
- billy elliot
- casino royale
- mash
- top secret

in other exciting news, i made a pork roast last night for dinner and it was great :)

i've also started eating salad. i don't like lettuce so it's greek salad w/ just tomatos, cucumbers, and feta, but we're working on it :) peach yoghurt for healthy!

going to kingston this weekend, or coburgh, or both, w/ or w/o pm :) now that's a plan!

Monday, May 30, 2005

nobody reads me

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

in other, less happy news, my aunt is in hospital. i only found out yesterday, but she's been there for 2 weeks already. she had cancer over xmas but that doesn't seem to be the problem. it seems to have been entirely cleared out. she's just not absorbing anything (which i know some of us can sympathize with) and is losing weight rapidly.
hopefully going to visit her tonight, at least going to phone.
i got new shoes yesterday!!! it's very exciting 'cause i almost never get new shoes. i got a new pair of sandle heels to wear 'cause i don't like the ones i got for my prom and every time i try to wear them out bear makes me wear hers 'cause they're nicer. it's nice of her, but her feet are bigger. i was only going to get 1 pair, but it was buy one half off the next pair and there are at least 2 weddings this summer....which reminds me, pm...where is that dress shop? want to go shopping in aug? (yes i know it's far ahead)
the other pair i got 'cause my dress shoes are now my every day shoes which means i have no dress shoes. they're kind of like slippers. i like them :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Spent the weekend at the soon to be parent's in law (:P pm)
we had breakfast w/ p and t then we got to go see the new horse and the new kittens. i want to take one home!
pi and i took out and rebuilt the steps down to the pond while b gardened and r chopped down some trees and the flag pole. then we tore up the smelly carpet in the basement. that took all our energy. don't ever glue a carpet to the floor, it's a nightmare to take up.
also, cat pee dissolves rubber sement.
it was a nice weekend (except for the carpet) of not being connected to the office and there's nothing like a jacuzi (sp) for making lots and lots of bubbles. i built a castle w/ 4 towers, a mote, and an arched door out of them :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

i also have to appologize for not posting in quite some time.
i've started work now. i'm efficient. unfortunately, that currently means that i don't have anything to do. hopefully when g gets back he'll give me something 'cause i feel bad about being paid to sit at a desk reading until the phone rings.
going away for a bit this weekend which will be nice. we both need more sleep.
any ideas on how to keep the racoons out of the green food garbage buckets? they keep waking us up and there's an HUGE mess at the bottom of our stairs at the moment :(

Sunday, May 01, 2005

i and t announced their engagement so we spent the entire day running around to relatives and celebrating.
i'm going to have a sister in law!!!
i get to help w/ the wedding!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

today's advice:
do not touch burners that have been lit. it hurts.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

well, back in london for my last 2 exams (sooooooo close!!!)

got back in touch w/ yet another friend i haven't talked to in something like 5 years. aparently she's here for music, so we're having lunch tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

i am an efficient secretary

Thursday, April 14, 2005

t just got married. judging from the dress she did it in russia. glad she finally got that sorted out and the baby hasn't arrived yet.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

in other news, the only cousin older than i that hadn't announced his engagement this month has spoiled all the fun.
no one's heard from him for over a year, maybe two (family politics) but aparently he's in japan, marrying a girl from there, moving to tokyo, finishing his masters in IT.
so, all aunt j's kids are getting married w/i 4 months of each other and they all announced their engagement w/i 2 weeks.
go figure :P
went to grammy's for the weekend. it was relaxing, i finally got some good sleep, watched some good movies, ate some good food.
first exam today. i don't think it's going to go well 'cause i don't think it's a reasonable exam and neither does anyone else in the class. we had a study group last night which went alright. it was helpful but the concensus was that we don't really know what we're being tested on and it's not fair which was not so helpful.
only 4 days 'till i'm coming home. hopefully i can read 4 novels by friday for that exam then i can go home :)

Friday, April 08, 2005

history society pub night tonight!!!
they haven't spent their budget for this year yet and it doesn't carry over so free food until it's gone.
i do not intend to be able to stand by the end of the evening.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

anyone remember the EA spouse?
well, aparently my 'cousin' e is working there now. i'm not sure whether to be excited for him or worried. should be interesting at the very least

Monday, April 04, 2005


Thursday, March 31, 2005

i have my own car keys now

Monday, March 28, 2005

easter was nice. can't wait until i get a proper holiday from school. i need one.
pi, being the wonderful person that he is, drove to l to pick me up after class at 9 on wed and drove me, and k, back to toronto in the snow storm. (K)pi.
thurs we took cookie in for her check up. didn't really go well as i'm sure most of you will hear later and the office phoned *sigh*
friday was at pi's parent's w/ most of the family. huge amount of ham and lots of other good food. getting to know the new baby :) he's so cute! itsy bitsy nose and fingers!!!
saturday was a day of much needed rest in which i didn't get enough work done but got some much needed sleep and caught up on some neglected video games :)
and the office called and we had to go in at midnight :(
sunday we picked up dad for church, finally saw pm and mt :D and a lot of other ppl i haven't seen in far too long, drove to k for dinner w/ grammy, n and the kids, and all of my family, drove to london to find the place literally crawling w/ ants all over. called the landlord and spent a few hours squishing and spraying ants before going to bed.
today they weren't dead so we had the landlord in again and will probably have the bathroom wall redone and the and nest found (oh joy :P) we went for a nice walk down town, did the grocery shop (and the office called) and slept through a couple episodes of muppets before pi had to go back to t.
pi has a cold :(
happy easter everyone!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

in similar news aparently her brother also just got engaged!
they're planning on getting married in january i think.
i seriously need to spend some time in australia! i haven't seen half of them since i was in gr 2.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

my cousin from australia emailed me this morning. she's getting married!!! she sent me a picture of them when they started dating and they're a cute couple. the wedding is being planned for the middle of their winter next yr (some time b/w april and june). congrats to j and j :D

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

trying to get a job w/ liane's dad for the summer
*cross your fingers*

Monday, March 14, 2005

went to stratford last sat to unwind 'cause the work is really getting to me. walked around and window shopped, had hot chocolate and a cinamon bun at balzack's, chocolate and irish cream ice cream at the chocolate store, worked on and finished my first database (pi is teaching me how to database), went out for italian for dinner at felini's (YUM!!), and watched the sunset on the way home in the car. it was fubulous and much needed.
it was smitty's bd on wed so he was here and we went to the bar to watch rick and had a good time.
on fri we watched evil dead 2 and went to the midnight cult showing of army of darkness. both very funny and i enjoyed it. probably wouldn't have if i'd watched it w/ another group of ppl.
we went to windsor 'cause pi had to work on sat.
got some research done in the car, got to have dimsum for lunch on the company. it was more much needed relaxation and i actually got some work done in the car which made me less stressed.
essays galore and way too much work to do as usual this week.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

boo back to school :(
WAY too much work to do
at least the big stressful project at work is finished so maybe we'll have one less over worked grump and pi will go back to normal

Monday, February 21, 2005

yay slack week!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2005

/me heaves a sigh of relief. only 2 exams next week. as long as i do some work on the pending essays i can have a relaxing week off!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

to do this week
seminar - done
meeting with read - done
oe test - done
oe take home essay - done
read 'decent into hell' - in progress
oe translation - done
oe commentary - in progress
eng213g essay
3 readings for hist335e - done 1
hist335e proposal - done
readings for 354e
beowulf trnaslation
buy a new notebook for recipees as this one is full
dinner for mc
curl up into the foetus position and cry when it's over and start again next week

Saturday, January 29, 2005

today's news:
went practice driving again. i have trouble starting fast enough when i've come to a complete stop at a stop sign and it makes me nervous whene ppl are behind me.
some idiot left his bank card in the machine next to mine and he didn't come back in about half an hour so we had to call the bank and have his card canceled...won't he be thrilled when he gets a new one one the mail :P mr metcalf, you're not too bright! part is he didn't even finish the transaction. i had to finish it about 5 mins after he left to get his card out of the machine!
i made an angel food cake and we had it w/ strawberries!!!
in other news, i tried on some of these while we were shopping.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

sorry it's been so long
it's hard to keep a promise of posting once a week if nothing but work every happens
so, there's lots of work going on right now
i've got a seminar, 2 proposals, an exam, and a translation and commentary on top of the usual mountain of readings this week, so i'm a bit preoccupied.
other than that, in an effort to stop chewing through my cheek and maybe aleviate the stress headaches i went to see rick last night and that was great. lots of the crew were there, they bought me drinks, b paid for the cab home, we had nachos, in total much needed stress relief cost me somewhere in the region of $3 and, after sleeping it off, i feel capable of dealing w/ the rest of the week....of which there is basically 1 more day.
how sad is it when you need to go out and party to destress for 1 day?
so how's everyone else doing? just as well from what i can gather :P

Monday, January 17, 2005

i got my g1 today and we went driving in a rez neighbourhood. apart from one van who pulled up almost into my trunk at a stop sign then honked when i actually stopped (at which pt i stalled the car and they zoomed round me), everything went well. :)
i'm excited!

Sunday, January 16, 2005

huron ball was last night :) had a great time. sorry about the meeting everyone.
everyone said that i have to have the same style of dress for my wedding dress which was really nice :)

Friday, January 07, 2005

nothing exciting is going on

Saturday, January 01, 2005

well, i'll start by wishing everyone a merry christmas and happy new year!!!
now on w/ the reason i'm blogging.
as always, we went to the howard's this year for new years. it was a great party as usual. didn't last as long as we usually do though. probably 'cause only 2 of us have been healthy lately and we all need our beauty rest :P
anyway, on the highway on the way back we noticed a cab w/ their distress light on. being 'responsible citizens' we called 911. they had us follow the cab onto the 404 and past the science centre until they pulled into an apartment building at which pt they said the cops would look after it.
funny thing, the blackberry doesn't record 911 calls at all! isn't that weird?
well, that was exciting!!!