Tuesday, November 30, 2004

i have to give a 3 hr seminar tonight :S
so nervous!
i hope it goes well
/me shivers

hoping to be elected to officer in training soon on puzzle pirates. they're letting me try not to sink ships in battle navigation now, which is exciting...i'm really bad at it, but i'll improve eventually

Sunday, November 28, 2004

unfortunately, since it's essay season, i still have nothing to say....but if someone would like to tell me why there's a potato masher on my desk and has been for over 3 weeks i'd appreciate it.

Monday, November 22, 2004

nothing much to say really.
pi was here this weekend but i'm sure that's no surprise to anyone reading this, esp pi.
he took me out for vietnamese for lunch yesterday and we were both supremely unadventurous and had fried rice, but it was good and i loved it.
we went to city lights too, which is a REALLY good used book store.
got 7 boooks...kind of my accident :S
not my fault this time. they have a really good sci-fi section.

since there really isn't much more to say i'm going to take a poll....best candle smell?
i like strawberry

Thursday, November 18, 2004

so, i dropped rudolf in a jug or orange juice today
i'm not goot for computers these past couple of weeks :(

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

so, aparently i have tonsillitus
which i can't spell
doesn't help the fact that it's there though

in other news...congrats mt :D :D :D
how'd it go?

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

speaking of colds....i was fine on sun, but i woke up yesterday w. a soar throat and by the time i got back from 2 hrs of class i felt really awful. so i went to bed to do my readings and skipped my oe class. which turned out to be a good thing 'cause i just felt worse as the evening progressed. nothing like taking advil to get rid of an headache when you haven't been able to eat much. made me a bit woozy.
feel a bit better today, just like i'm a swolen lump of something. i'll probably take an hot bath and hope i feel better later so i can go to my class tonight.
probably, since i'm feeling hungry again.

Monday, November 15, 2004

weekend started really well! pi arrived about 5 hours earlier than i was expecting him :D got some time off work and surprised me! yay! /me cuddles pi
well, i now have at least a working computer.
lost a ton of files though :( most of my music.
aparently future shop needs to take murgatroid for about 2 weeks if they're going to give me a new harddrive on warranty...so that will be done over xmas.
THANK YOU pi *snuggle* for giving me a working computer again w/ most of my files.
also got my coat back this weekend.
went for some driving lessons, learned 3 pt turns.
went to the huds production fri night. funny and, as they said, in places offensive....the immitation of dr read by asher was HILLARIOUS and dead on. i'm not sure how funny he found it, but it was REALLY good!
i didn't really need to see dr conter in only a towel though....better than the speedo from last year i guess :S

Friday, November 12, 2004

got the exam back for which i was 20 mins late. despite the total insanity and not being sure that i even answered the question i got 84 on it. go figure. i can only hope my last eng exam went that well.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

well, the mozart requiem went really well last night. they had to turn ppl away at the door because they simply couldn't put any more in the cathedral. it was packed and extrenely hot. the gowns are really going to have to be dry cleaned before the next show.
the usual really long standing ovation and bringing out of the soloists (who were incredible, esp the bass) over and over while the choir's knees gave out.
our cds came out and i got a copy. a couple of the pieces we worked really hard on aren't on the cd, but it's a pretty good disk overall.
other than the fact that the concert went well the rest of the evening was in agreement with the rest of the week. i left my winter coat there as well as my mitts 'cause we were all so hot afterwards and it was such a nice night that it seemed natural not to have it. i went to the church to try and get it today but one of the choir moms took it home. no one knows whicih, so i'm frantically emailing around to ask...since i don't have a numbers list.
also, we had to wear poppies last night. not exactly being a fan of pins i usually have a small canada flag pin w/ a back so i'm not nervous about it all the time. since i left it in toronto this yr i just donated and wasn't wearing a poppy. i couldn't be the only one in the choir w/o one, esp in the front row, so the choir moms chased me down and decided to pin one on me. they were rather insistant and weren't listening very well and by the time they'd managed to back me into a wall and pin the stupid thing to me i had burst into tears...which was more than slightly embarrasing.
i'm going back to re-researching my papers now since my files aren't accessable.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

no cracks about not backing up files before harddrive failure pm....at least i backed up my pics and some of my music on ftp serve
does make essays very difficult though :(

Monday, November 08, 2004

snowing a little. not as early as last yr, which is nice, since last yr it was oct 1.
i had a good rant about that.
got my paper back from read today
88 :)
mozart requiem wed night
last night's reh was weird. the union was pissed off 'cause they just changed management and no one told them we were going to be rehersing in the hall. they weren't very friendly and everyone was testy.
too much work
want to go into hibernation for the next couple of months. i'll come out for xmas, new yrs, my bd, and pi's bd
otherwise i'll see you all in may
nn (*)
what's going on?! i never get hiccoughs! more than 5 serious cases of hiccoughs in 1 day is UNACCEPTABLE for a person who has already had them since gr 7!
someone make them go away!
they come back every time i sit down at my desk or change what i was doing!
i'm getting annoyed
but this font thing is fun
i should go to bed, i'm being silly

Saturday, November 06, 2004

went to the 'in celebration of the recent election' cult classic midnight showing last night :) the movie was 'dr strangelove'. i really enjoyed it :)
today consists of work, work, shopping that is work, shopping that is fun, and the incredibles. should be productive and fun :)

Thursday, November 04, 2004

went to sarah's last night for some girls time and to relax after a relatively stressful week. we watched invader zim, which is really cute and quite funny, talked, and googled pickle images and cat loaf which turned up some interesting stuff....then sarah got sick and upset and threw up....other than that it was a great evening and we got back at 2.

Monday, November 01, 2004

just a mini story:
in the course of the weekend pi and i went grocery shopping...it was hallowe'en....and the kid (can't have been older than 18) at the checkout counter told pi not to let his daughter stay out late (obviouisly meaning me)
the age difference isn't THAT obvious!