Wednesday, August 25, 2004

well, shakespeare in the park was a lot of fun. i always enjoy that. picnic beforehand and all.
ballet by the water was also a lot of fun and we'll have to go again next yr.
hopefully get to the opera next week...assuming i'm not in montreal.
pi's in montreal for another week :'(
on the up side i get him for an extra week in sept, but i still have to get through next week

Friday, August 20, 2004

since there are rather a lot of comments in the last post i think i should start again so you don't run out of space to talk in.
pi's in montreal :( *sniff* and i miss him...but i get him back on weekends, so it could be a lot worse.
i'm being kept busy by family and friends. bear had her wisdom teeth out on mon and has been making her way through our dvd collection ever since. i was home for dinner mon and tues, played with the kittens but forgot to take frank to mt and pm's house on wed, dimsum for pm's birthday yesterday (happy birthday again <:) ), p.b. took me to the sarah mcglachlen concert as well last night and that was fun 'cause i've never been to a concert like that before.
going over to pm and mt's again tonight until i pick up pi at the train station.
tomorrow we're going to get pi's hair cut, hopefully pick up the recycling bins, and go to a bbq at pm and mt's. sun we're going to shakespeare in the park and having a picnic beforehand.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

hello everyone!
celebrating our anniversary today 'cause pi's in montreal as of tonight *grumble sulk pout*
so we're going out for a STUPIDLY expensive meal at auberge du pommier (check it out online
mt, pm, i'll be seeing you tomorrow

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

we went to see pi's dad on sunday after we watched pm and mt play at church (nice arr of back air on g:) ) and he's looking better than i thought he would. he also lasted almost all of the visit w/o having to lie down.
pending pi's dad's health, our parents are meeting next sun for a bbq...which should be interesting
my parents are away this week so we've sort of invaded their house.
we got some movies out and watched them at their house, made dinner, moved in some furnature, did the laundry, etc. it's been fun :)
getting trained to sharpen knives later this week/beginning of next (depending on ups service) which should be interesting
that's about it

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

on the long weekend we went to london to pick up ann - she took the train here from ottawa last week and we all went to hewitt's last weekend for ice cream and to visit smitty. she was in london to visit the other half of the crew while she was here and we picked her up so she could take the train back from toronto. she missed the train and had to fwd her ticket 'cause we went to spiderman 2 and the ppl with the keys didn't remember we were on a schedule and wouldn't stop talking...and 'cause she had the time on the tikcet wrong and thought we had an extra hour. it didn't cost anything extra, so it's ok, but it was kind of stressful
sm2 was good. i wouldn't say it was fabulous, i liked the first one much better, but it was still good. they left it very widely and obviously open for a sequil at the end.
on sat pi's dad went into hospital 'cause of a mild heart attack...he's doing alright, but it was a bit of a scare.
the house is finally beginning to look like home. there are still PILES of dishes, but the sink appears to have stopped leaking (probably no thanks to the stupid plubmer) so we can start to get a handle on that (not so much we as he really, i hate dishes) tonight is set asside for networking. most of the boxes are empty and flat now and the rest of the stuff should be done by the end of the week
the office is sending pi to montreal for 2 weeks so we had to change the day of our 1 yr anniversary. at least it was a leap yr this yr so we've technically been going out for the full 365 days *sigh*
today i won a service call kit from my boss for helping out the office (35+tax etc) and a hardy slicer in a draw (125 +tax etc). there's a contest for a bhm block on thurs (157 +tax etc) which i'd REALLY like to win 'cause i kind of need one for all my knives during the year, but we'll see how that goes. also a contest for 50, 20, 10 in cash and 2 veg peelers on monday, but i don't think i'm in the running for that. nevertheless, i'm in a good mood today and on that note i'm off to do about 8 loads of laundry