Wednesday, September 14, 2005

well, it's been a while since i've posted, but there's good reason for that :)

sept 2
s and d got married!!!! congrats s and d!!!
it was a really nice wedding. the food was great, the venue was nice, it was great to see ppl again, and i actually danced!

sept 3
chapel in the morning. it was also nice to be back at that.
followed by collective crew lunch
stratford - as you like it - w/ pm and pi :D it was great

sept 4
back to TO to spend 1 day cleaning up from the flood
we still haven't had time to unpack everything yet
pack for school and the wedding since i'm not going back until the oscc meeting and pi won't be home until after the wedding

sept 5
collect tuxes for the wedding, the guys go out and t and i stay home to do place cards, lable presents, and consume much wine and chinese food

sept 6-10
move to pi's parent's house and start wedding prep
huge amounts of shopping and insane prep later...

sept 10
it was a great ceremony and a great party.
the food was super and hopefully d will do our wedding too :)

sept 11
i's birthday
move back to london

sept 13
start classes

now things are relatively back to normal except that i don't have phone or internet and won't for another week yet *sigh* i hate bell!

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