Thursday, July 21, 2005

shakespeare has been rescheduled to july 29

Monday, July 18, 2005

well, seeing as it's hot and none of us seem to be doing well in the heat we spend most of our weekend watching movies. we saw batman begins with my dad on sat, and charlie and the chocolate factory with both my parents on sun. pi and i also watched billy elliot, driving miss daisy, the remainder of the dilbert box set, when harry met sally, the lady vanishes, and patton.
i really enjoyed batman begins. it's quite dark but i liked it. i've discovered that i like batman very much. futurshop had a box set of 4 batman movies on special (batman, batman returns, batman forever, and batman and robin) so guess what we're watching for the rest of this week :)
charlie and the chocolate factory was also very enjoyable. they made a couple plot changes and there were a few things i didn't like, but overall tim burton did a really good job. he has a new movie coming out called the corpse bride with animation that looks very much like his nightmare before xmas.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

well, more than time for a new post....and nothing much to say.

shakespeare on the 22nd. as soon as you can get away from work and to the, b/w 5 and 6.30.

picnic sign up list
desserts - pm, mt, and co.
fruit - b and pi
salad -
dinner -
random snacky stuff -

also, we're going to the chinese festival on the 23rd at harbourfront if anyone wants to come too.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

happy birthday to all those in july in case i don't get in touch with ppl in time:
1 - Canada
2 - Matt
4 - Phi, Maura
5 - Liane, Michelle
7 - Bear
10 - MT, Taddy
14 - Luca
18 - Sarah
25 - Mom
31 - Mrs. H.

hope i got everyone

Monday, July 04, 2005

happy canada day everyone :D
had a great long weekend. dropped by london on thurs night and left for kincardine on fri morning. nice to see the apartment again.
watched calander girls which was good, moon raker which i'd seen before, and half of patton which i'm looking forward to seeing the end of.
also went to the scottish festival to watch the pipers and highland games which were a lot of fun.
actually managed to take almost the entire gig worth of pics on my camera. when i got home i had 4 pics left :) i didn't even manage that many at conference.
finally got to see the caber toss which was exciting.
the fireworks were really spectacular even though they were postponed 'cause of excessive wind on fri night.
on our way home we got side tracked 'cause of traffic and unfamiliarity w/ the rout, but got to drop in on pi's parents and have a look at the progress of the preperations for the wedding.
it was a very nice weekend, but now i'm tired.