Monday, August 28, 2006

Well, this was an exciting, if long, week.
On Sunday I got my wedding dress! Very exciting. Since PI also reads this occassionally, all i can say is, it's white! Now I have to get shoes.
On Monday we had the end of the summer, yay we've almost hit 5000 projects, congrats Max, you've written your exam, buy Bubbles, buy D, Hello PI party. Hooray for parties. I think I'm still digesting all the food I ate.
On Wed we had the anual building bbq. There was a lot of food, but we don't know very many ppl in the building, so we left early as there was no one to talk to.
On Thurs bear invited us over for dinner to continue her "learning to cook" dinner series. As she left for university on Fri I made her green tea ice cream. It turned out quite well.
On Sat we went to buskerfest and had an AMAZING time. There were tons of great acts :)

Sunday was the Howard's 24th anual island picnic. It rained quite a bit in the morning, but we eventually made it out to the party and had a great time.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Yesterday morning our cat managed to prove, beyond any doubt, that he is an idiot. While we were having our shower, he was, as he often does when he's frisky, batting at toes that passed too close to the shower curtain. We discouraged him from continuing and, so we thought, he left that bathroom to lick himself out of the steam for a while. We continued w/ our shower thinking the cat was safely out of range when he appeared, pointy end first and screeching, at elbow height flying through the shower curtain! He ricocheted off the back wall of the bathtub, landed on my feet, right under the spray of the shower, and both stu and myself sustained injuries as he exited the bath tub just as fast as he had entered it. Unfortunately, this event does not seem to have discouraged his forays into the bathroom or the bathtub :(

Also yesterday, we went to the Taiwanese festival w/ CP in the morning. While we were there we went to a cooking demo, the food tent, and watched the shows from the lighting booth courtesy of IB :) It was a fun morning, but we were really just killing time before PM's party!

Happy Birthday PM!!! <:-)

We had a wonderful and delicious time eating tons of dim sum and then we went to the Laugh Resort (a comedy club). This was especially good as PI and I have wanted to go to a comedy club and just never gotten around to it. We both had a great time. It was also good to see some old friends I hadn't seen in AGES (hi AT /me waves).

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Since I last posted Grammy has had her last chemo and can start to get her life back to normal, we went to the Jazz Festival and had a good time, went to a really fun party at PI's old boss's (see his blog for that), had PM and MT over for dinner and movie after MT's concert which was quite good, esp his solo (see PM's blog for that), had my mom and sister over for dinner, gone to B's for pie and to say happy birthday to the kids, gone to Kincardine for Grammy's birthday w/ the family (hooray for fondu and other deliviousness), and to PI's parents on the way back from Grammy's. Hooray for long weekends, it was much needed.