Sunday, June 26, 2005

well, the weekend has been interesting so far.
i really wanted to sleep in on sat, but pi had to go to the office at 7.30 so i was woken up by the alarm quite early in the morning. when i finally managed to get back to sleep i was woken up by the neighbours form upstairs who were upset 'cause we put the green bin garbage in the green bin and the raccoons spread it all over their front step. not my fault if they can't be bothered to tie up the garbage can, we bought them bungi cords to make it easier and gave them heavy rocks for the lid. when i didn't answer the door they emptied the green bin at the top of the stairs and the green bin "fell" down the stairs. at which pt i was definitely awake and opened the door to argue w/ them. they're not talking to us now. almost asleep again about an hr later after phoning pi at work to cry when the phone rang 2x w/ a wrong number. it was 10, i gave up trying to sleep. pi came home at 6.30 and we watched 'the black cauldron', ordered a pizza and went out to the festival of fire to watch the greek submission which was spectacular :)

sun 7.30 office again, finished at 1. spent some time walking around down town after lunch. we went looking for caravan but couldn't find it. instead we got home made lemonade and went back for the car. pi did another 2 hrs of ot when we went back to get the car. we are now going to have cherries and watch 'a chorus line'

14.5 hrs OT this weekend so far *sigh*

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