Monday, December 29, 2003

today was highly interesting! we went to visit uncle nick and have a look at the latest in the renovations on his house. then we went to a chinese buffet for lunch and drove along the canals in the holland marsh. it was really nice until grammy and nick got out of his car (which was in the lead) and came back to talk to us and put grammy in mom and dad's car so we could go to the badawi's for dinner and nick could go home (bear and i were in stuart's car). grammy got out and locked her door....nick's keys were still in the car. this, of course, made nick quite upset. it also eventually proved to all of us for absolute certain that my dad is insane. for some completely unknown reason, where as everyone else's idea was phone caa and have them break in for nick, dad's idea was to try his car keys in nick's door....and they worked! so dad unlocked nick's car w/ the keys that are supposed to unlock mom's civic door...which, incidentally, also drive dad's car. no one's quite sure why THAT of all things was the first thing that came to mind. it certainly wouldn't have occurred to anyone else in a million years, but it worked, so whatever.

Monday, December 22, 2003

i'm not scheduling ANYTHING for the next 2 weeks! maybe i should make it a ny resolution not to schedule but to delegate! *sigh* lost track of days and only just realized that tomorrow's tues AND the 23rd. we're supposed to visit aunt pat (who aparently has a cancerous tumour *sob*) and derek tomorrow and clean the house before mom gets home and i'm still not entirely sure who's showing up to sing. i hope mom got enough spaghetti and sauce to feed everyone. i think i'm cooking (everyone beware!)
well, see you all tomorrow.
btw, best of luck to c tomorrow.....*crosses fingers* don't get deported

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

spend the whole day shopping w/ sonya and went for pi's lunch/dinner break :)
saw phil at lunch and he seems to be doing as well as phil ever is. we did some shopping and, as usual, got nothing done other than getting me tired
played trivial persuit w/ bear, aesh, and kc at sola
got up disgustingly early....anyone notice that this is backwards? oh well
now i'm completely exhausted and going to bed early.....hopefully before 12
not too much shopping left *cheer*
well, i'm not officially home
at my parent's house and everything
*sigh* i think it's good to be back
has everyone seen my sister lately? *worried*
oh well, we'll see what i can do there :S
had a wonderful weekend (thanks love) finally beginning to feel like me again...been a while....

had the scare of my life tonight
smitty said he guessed i was back in london for the exam
i said no, i was in toronto
he said, but we have an exam tomorrow
made him phone the info desk
turns out he was wrong....he had a bit of a break down
i think he's ok, but there's nothing i can do from here regardless
so the crew will re-assess after the break and see what we can do. *sigh* why does everyone seem to think i'm some sort of weird psychiatrist?!

Saturday, December 13, 2003

mumfy?! shiesh...we should learn to read *sigh*

Thursday, December 11, 2003

i'm done i'm done i'm done!!!

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

i am about to do the unprecidented and blog twice in 1 day!!!!!!! *shock and amazement*
i have an announcement to make: *clears throat*
i am making the switch from electric cars to homing pigeons.
thank you
that is all
to make ppl quite...and 'cause it's dec i am again *sigh*
you know this is silly, i talk to you all every day! all day sometimes! it's not as if you're not all caught up!
oh well
i just got back from grammy's having done NO work and now i've got 2 essays to do and i'm going to be stressed out until friday...when i'll hopefully have written 2 essays and an exam and be able to go home!
grammy's was part 'cuase i didn't do any work.
grammy meant it about the lobster. we had entire lobsters 2 nights in a row. snow crab legs the other 2, and veil the last. kippers every day for breakfast, baked brie, smokes salmon, asparagus w/ every meal, escargot, mussles, smoked haddock, home made mince meat tarts, xmas cake, egg nogg, chocolate...lots of chocolate....i know i'm forgetting something...oh well, you get the idea.
we watched movies too :) lawrence of arabia (2 tapes), dr. zhivago (2 tapes), all the king's men, the red shoes, key largo, a room with a view, gone with the wind (2 tapes), napoleon (2 tapes)...i think that's it, but i'm not entirely sure. i have a list here somewhere.......
well, it was a great weekend but i'm really glad to be back, i missed you all sooooooooo much!!! *sigh* home soon!

there...happy? *grin*