Monday, November 28, 2005

so bell has now perpitrated the biggest f#%^ up of all time!!!!!
if you remember my posts from sept i mentioned how we transferred the line from london to toronto, had a bit of a fiasco w/ that. for some incomprehensible reason they left the line open in london but did not charge us for it. L actually called and asked them to charge for it but they said that that was not possible. they actually refused to bill her for the service.
today, pi recieved a bell bill. keeping in mind that he cancelled his service (including a dsl line he was not paying for and could not use) over a month ago, this was a bit of shock. an even greater shock is the fact that, although he has paid all of his bills up until the time at which he cancelled the service, this bill is for june - sept 2005. also, although the bill is actually in his phone number and in his name there are large long distance charges to numbers that are in the same area code. in fact, to a house that he could walk to in less than half an hr. there is also a call to san francisco and several calls to yellow knife.
needless to say, he is not paying that bill. the calls were not made from his phone number. pi is going to call them on wed to sort it out. i really want to be in on that phone call!!!

Friday, November 25, 2005

grumble grumble grumble $%^&* bell %^&* grumble

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Monday, November 14, 2005

another fabulous weekend w/ more partying!

my dad's cousins were up from kentucky this weekend and we were drafted as tour guides for much of sat. we had a great time.
had an engagement party that night. that you VERY much for the REALLY nice table cloth, napkins w/ rings, and coasters. also, thank you to pi's family for the also SUPER nice jug! we should get engaged more often!

on sun we went to a city-wide pillow fight and had a great time. what a crazy idea! at least pi and i don't go on boring 'dates'!

i tried to hang the photo box on the wall today, but i think it's going to tare the dry wall down. i wish i had another shelf. maybe i'll turn the printer sideways to give it room on the end of the desk....?

Monday, November 07, 2005

pi and i had a great weekend in k w/ pm and, for a little while, mt as well :) we built a small boat, watched kung fu hustle and monty python and the holy grail on sat, and went out for a really good dinner and an excellent breakfast.
thanks for the hospitality pm!

in other news, while it's not exactly good news, we finally know what's wrong w/ grammy. she has cancer. while that is NEVER good news, now that they know what it is maybe they can do something about it, tell us what to expect, etc. and that is, in a way, somewhat comforting.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

well, as per usual i'm having trouble w/ bell. my internet has gone down or flaky almost every week since they set it up. i have called bell several times and they keep saying it's fixed...then i get to call again a day or 2 later to tell them no it isn't 'casue it's down again. luckily, the ppl in their billind dpt are reasonable and see things my way. ie, i shouldn't be paying for service i'm not my bill has been reduced every month so far. this month they're realizing that i'm becoming an expensive customer and they'd better fix it, so they put in an escalated work order and are going to check EVERYTHING. we'll see how it goes :P