Thursday, March 31, 2005

i have my own car keys now

Monday, March 28, 2005

easter was nice. can't wait until i get a proper holiday from school. i need one.
pi, being the wonderful person that he is, drove to l to pick me up after class at 9 on wed and drove me, and k, back to toronto in the snow storm. (K)pi.
thurs we took cookie in for her check up. didn't really go well as i'm sure most of you will hear later and the office phoned *sigh*
friday was at pi's parent's w/ most of the family. huge amount of ham and lots of other good food. getting to know the new baby :) he's so cute! itsy bitsy nose and fingers!!!
saturday was a day of much needed rest in which i didn't get enough work done but got some much needed sleep and caught up on some neglected video games :)
and the office called and we had to go in at midnight :(
sunday we picked up dad for church, finally saw pm and mt :D and a lot of other ppl i haven't seen in far too long, drove to k for dinner w/ grammy, n and the kids, and all of my family, drove to london to find the place literally crawling w/ ants all over. called the landlord and spent a few hours squishing and spraying ants before going to bed.
today they weren't dead so we had the landlord in again and will probably have the bathroom wall redone and the and nest found (oh joy :P) we went for a nice walk down town, did the grocery shop (and the office called) and slept through a couple episodes of muppets before pi had to go back to t.
pi has a cold :(
happy easter everyone!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

in similar news aparently her brother also just got engaged!
they're planning on getting married in january i think.
i seriously need to spend some time in australia! i haven't seen half of them since i was in gr 2.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

my cousin from australia emailed me this morning. she's getting married!!! she sent me a picture of them when they started dating and they're a cute couple. the wedding is being planned for the middle of their winter next yr (some time b/w april and june). congrats to j and j :D

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

trying to get a job w/ liane's dad for the summer
*cross your fingers*

Monday, March 14, 2005

went to stratford last sat to unwind 'cause the work is really getting to me. walked around and window shopped, had hot chocolate and a cinamon bun at balzack's, chocolate and irish cream ice cream at the chocolate store, worked on and finished my first database (pi is teaching me how to database), went out for italian for dinner at felini's (YUM!!), and watched the sunset on the way home in the car. it was fubulous and much needed.
it was smitty's bd on wed so he was here and we went to the bar to watch rick and had a good time.
on fri we watched evil dead 2 and went to the midnight cult showing of army of darkness. both very funny and i enjoyed it. probably wouldn't have if i'd watched it w/ another group of ppl.
we went to windsor 'cause pi had to work on sat.
got some research done in the car, got to have dimsum for lunch on the company. it was more much needed relaxation and i actually got some work done in the car which made me less stressed.
essays galore and way too much work to do as usual this week.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

boo back to school :(
WAY too much work to do
at least the big stressful project at work is finished so maybe we'll have one less over worked grump and pi will go back to normal