Thursday, September 29, 2005

weirdest thing happened last night.
we got back from the bar and we all went to bed. it was about 1am when i got into bed after doing some stuff that had to be done on the computer. at about 1.15 someone came into my room, opened my computer, and did something w/ it. when i mumbled at them they said 'sorry, i'll just be a sec.' then they left and didn't close the door behind them.
in the morning i asked everyone here and none of them remembers coming into my room.
nothing seemed different about the computer, but the door was still open when i got up and i never leave it open when i'm asleep.
i don't dream that vivedly and i haven't done any sleep walking since the last time i was really sick. it's really creeping me out.

in other news aparently my dad is going to saudi arabia for work! he probably won't be home for tg :(

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