Monday, August 29, 2005

things are chugging along at a pretty alarming rate.
this fri we drove to l for r's party. she's moving to inuvik for a year.
sat we drove to m to help prepare the parent's house for i and t's wedding.
put up wall paper and pressure washed the deck. i want a pressure washer! it's a fun toy.
sunday pi's mom and i got her hair done and went to t for t's wedding shower which was fun. my first wedding shower :)
we're still unpacking after the flood.
hopefully make it to altimara opera concert on wed. haven't seen a lot of those friends in a long time and i love that concert!
l thurs night
wedding fri
stratford sat
wedding prep for a week after that
then school starts
*sigh* i'll wake up tomorrow and discover october happened and i didn't notice.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

well, i don't actually have time to post 'cause i was on vacation for 3 days and no one did anything while i was gone so i have lots to do. here's a pointform version of events though.

* happy birthday pm <:) dim sum was great!
* storm - couldn't leave the office until 4.15 because of hail the size of quarters and insane amounts of rain. took 2.5 hours to drive to pi's office. there were cars floating across intersections, large sections of road washed out completely, people stuck everywhere etc. had to cover the computers etc in the office w/ plastic bags before we left b/c the rain started coming through the roof. sections of the parking lot washed out.
* got home after dim sum to find the apartment flooded. cleaned up a bit and went to do laundry and sleep at my parent's place.

* got up early and went to get boxes b/c the landlord said the entire floor would be redone.
* pi's parents as well as mine came to help us move as everything had to be off the floor for the tilers to redo everything while we were gone. we were supposed to get our passports renewed and leave for O that morning.
* my parents left to pick up bear at the airport. she was returning from germany.
* we eventually left for ottawa
* stopped at the big apple as pi had never been. took some pictures and bought some pie.
* arrived in ottawa at about 10. not bad considering. very tired

* spent most of the day in the mall shopping w/ my 'cousin' and her mother. had a nice time.
* went out for thai food for dinner. YUMMY but $$

* had a good, long, relaxing swim followed by the sauna. i remembered too late that i can't breath well in saunas.
* spent more time w/ 'family'

* got up early to drive to montreal
thanks for having us s, j, and m! we had a good and relaxing time. it was great to see you again
* arrived in montreal and, since my parents weren't there yet went to the biodome and insectarium
* moved bear into residence
* went out for dinner

* walked around and shopped until bear was finished her exam, bought a present for i and t's wedding shower which is on sunday
* went to the parent's lunch w/ bear and parents and left for home as we have an apartment to put back together
* got back home but the grout isn't dry yet so we can't put anything away.
* slept at my parent's again. will put things back tonight...enough to sleep and make a path to the bathroom anyway. the fridge would be nice too.

* back to work. no one has done much of my filing etc so it's a bit of a mess
* cousin j asked me to be a bride's maid!!! so i have to send my measurements to australia for the dress.
* was going to go to buskerfest as i've been busy every time it was on for the past 3-5 years...but as per usual i have to put the apt back together, find my school books as they were put in random boxes in the rush and are who knows where and fix my computer.

later this week
* going to l tomorrow night 'cause r is moving to the northwest territories soon. party!!!
* buying the rest of my school books
* going to pi's parent's to help w/ wedding prep
* bridal shower on sunday. i'm going to pi's mom.
* hopefully get our hair cut and do passports before the wedding next fri!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

happy early birthday to pm!!! since tomorrow doesn't look promising and i probably won't have much time to post.

today was my third dentist appointment this summer. it was horrible of course, but finally it's all over and i don't have to go again until march.

going to o and m this weekend to move bear to university. i'm looking forward to it. should be lots of fun and we'll be able to relax and sleep in and all that wonderful holiday stuff.

went to visit c on tues which was nice 'cause i hadn't seen her in quite a while. we had a nice dinner and dessert and went home to bed.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

you know bell charges $35 just to CHECK if a number you want can be assigned to you?! doesn't matter what the answer is, it's $35 to check! wondering if we shouldn't just change to vonage now and get it over with!

pi and i were both home sick yesterday. pi had managed to kill his back, neck, and wrist. he's on pills for one and has exercises for the other and we bought a new mattress to help with it as well. sooooooo comfy!!! i seem to have redeveloped the case of tmj i had in first year and have exercises to help w/ that as well. the smog, my posture, and stress are aparently what cause the headaches and muscle spasms.

in other news, i seem to have ireperably damaged my stapler :(

despite that, i'm in a good mood as tomorrow is our anniversary :) we're going to have a movie and dinner. also going on the company boat cruise on sat.

Monday, August 08, 2005

This weekend pi and i went to k for grammy's birthday. n and the kids were up and we had a very nice time. one of the nicest we've had up there which has put me in quite a good mood even though i'm tired. we gave grammy a dvd player for her birthday and she was extatic. we stopped at london fri night and said hi to l. r was away for the weekend and m wasn't back from work before we went to bed :( we stopped at the cheese store on the drive up to k on sat morning and got onion and parsley cheese.
the lake was finally warm enough to get in, so we went in w/ mom, and m. pi broke the noodle in half and it later broke into 5 pieces, so we played baseball in the lake with it. it was extremely funny and a lot of fun.
on sun we went to pi's parent's to help lay tile, but they had already done as much as they could. on the way we decided to pick up as much dinner by the side of the road as possible (w/o shades of THAT christmas). corn was easy, but all the places that carried other stuff weren't open on sundays :( the result was that we had maple butter, fudge, and a dozen corn cobs when we got to the house. bbq'd the corn and had burgers and 6 different flavours of fudge for dessert :) yum yum yum!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

for an update on last week check pi's blog, he pretty much covers it.

shakespeare in the park on fri. - much ado about nothing - was great :) really enjoyed it, it was a lot of fun!

after a party and private concert in barrie went to pi's cottage this weekend. almost every member on that side of the family and their friends were there at one point or another this weekend. we had a great time :) cottage food, reading in a hammock under a tree in perfect weather, sitting on the dock at night wondering where the stars are until the lightning shows you and you figure going back to the cottage would be a good idea, canoeing around the island, and other cottagy things :) i finally shook the headache i'd had for 2 weeks! i feel sooooooo much more relaxed.

going for my third dentist appointment this summer next week. hopefully they'll actually finish this time *grr*