Monday, November 14, 2005

another fabulous weekend w/ more partying!

my dad's cousins were up from kentucky this weekend and we were drafted as tour guides for much of sat. we had a great time.
had an engagement party that night. that you VERY much for the REALLY nice table cloth, napkins w/ rings, and coasters. also, thank you to pi's family for the also SUPER nice jug! we should get engaged more often!

on sun we went to a city-wide pillow fight and had a great time. what a crazy idea! at least pi and i don't go on boring 'dates'!

i tried to hang the photo box on the wall today, but i think it's going to tare the dry wall down. i wish i had another shelf. maybe i'll turn the printer sideways to give it room on the end of the desk....?

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