Thursday, January 27, 2005

sorry it's been so long
it's hard to keep a promise of posting once a week if nothing but work every happens
so, there's lots of work going on right now
i've got a seminar, 2 proposals, an exam, and a translation and commentary on top of the usual mountain of readings this week, so i'm a bit preoccupied.
other than that, in an effort to stop chewing through my cheek and maybe aleviate the stress headaches i went to see rick last night and that was great. lots of the crew were there, they bought me drinks, b paid for the cab home, we had nachos, in total much needed stress relief cost me somewhere in the region of $3 and, after sleeping it off, i feel capable of dealing w/ the rest of the week....of which there is basically 1 more day.
how sad is it when you need to go out and party to destress for 1 day?
so how's everyone else doing? just as well from what i can gather :P

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