Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Spent the weekend at the soon to be parent's in law (:P pm)
we had breakfast w/ p and t then we got to go see the new horse and the new kittens. i want to take one home!
pi and i took out and rebuilt the steps down to the pond while b gardened and r chopped down some trees and the flag pole. then we tore up the smelly carpet in the basement. that took all our energy. don't ever glue a carpet to the floor, it's a nightmare to take up.
also, cat pee dissolves rubber sement.
it was a nice weekend (except for the carpet) of not being connected to the office and there's nothing like a jacuzi (sp) for making lots and lots of bubbles. i built a castle w/ 4 towers, a mote, and an arched door out of them :)

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