Monday, August 29, 2005

things are chugging along at a pretty alarming rate.
this fri we drove to l for r's party. she's moving to inuvik for a year.
sat we drove to m to help prepare the parent's house for i and t's wedding.
put up wall paper and pressure washed the deck. i want a pressure washer! it's a fun toy.
sunday pi's mom and i got her hair done and went to t for t's wedding shower which was fun. my first wedding shower :)
we're still unpacking after the flood.
hopefully make it to altimara opera concert on wed. haven't seen a lot of those friends in a long time and i love that concert!
l thurs night
wedding fri
stratford sat
wedding prep for a week after that
then school starts
*sigh* i'll wake up tomorrow and discover october happened and i didn't notice.

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