Monday, August 08, 2005

This weekend pi and i went to k for grammy's birthday. n and the kids were up and we had a very nice time. one of the nicest we've had up there which has put me in quite a good mood even though i'm tired. we gave grammy a dvd player for her birthday and she was extatic. we stopped at london fri night and said hi to l. r was away for the weekend and m wasn't back from work before we went to bed :( we stopped at the cheese store on the drive up to k on sat morning and got onion and parsley cheese.
the lake was finally warm enough to get in, so we went in w/ mom, and m. pi broke the noodle in half and it later broke into 5 pieces, so we played baseball in the lake with it. it was extremely funny and a lot of fun.
on sun we went to pi's parent's to help lay tile, but they had already done as much as they could. on the way we decided to pick up as much dinner by the side of the road as possible (w/o shades of THAT christmas). corn was easy, but all the places that carried other stuff weren't open on sundays :( the result was that we had maple butter, fudge, and a dozen corn cobs when we got to the house. bbq'd the corn and had burgers and 6 different flavours of fudge for dessert :) yum yum yum!

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