Sunday, February 11, 2007

News and Even More Strange Music

Not much is going on in my confused world lately. PI and I interviewed and hired a photographer last Tues. We're meeting at the hall w/ the caterer today so he can see the facilities and we can discuss the menu and he can ask questions. Also, we went to a Cooking Club meeting last night and had a good time. The theme was cheese. Rather an heavy meal, but very yummy. We brought a Greek salad in the hopes of cutting through the cheese a bit. There was also a baked goat cheese salad, poutine, mac and cheese, spinach ricotta dumplings, a broccoli gratan concoction, many kinds of cheese and crackers, apple pie, cheese cake, etc. and the obligatory wine that goes w/ cheese. There was also a lot of good conversation and, since I knew no one there, it was a good chance to meet some more people in my program.

Since Blogger has been bought by Google, a few changes have been made. It's easier to search past posts, but I'm having a hard time finding old comments and still having them local to Blogger. I'm sure I'll sort it out, but if there are any changes you'd recommend or don't like, let me know.

Now I'm off to the essays again :P Enjoy the music while I'm gone.

Rockapella - a group you probably know
Tonight - a good intro to the group
Carmen Sandiago
Off My Mind
Sorry about the video, but I love a good bass :)

Duleman - Probably my favourite piece sung by them.
Summer Dreams - Good example of why I love a capella stuff. The voice is so neat sometimes :) A bit modern and weird, though.
Past Life Melodies

The Nylons - Very much like Rockapella, but I think they're cooler...probably 'cause I've performed w/ them :P ...but then, I've performed w/ a lot of people I don't like, too.
Happy Together


Bubbles said...

Almost forgot to mention...Fri went to see Gounod's Faust w/ Mom. It was quite good. I'd forgotten how catchy it was :) Hummed it all the way home.

Anonymous said...


let me know if the book is good...

kl ;)

Bubbles said...

yes, it's very cute.
i'm about half way through it now. I think it's for younger readers who like to feel involved in the story. There are a few, very cute, pictures, and the author keeps interjecting to ask the reader what they think, to look up words, or imagine possibilities. Excellent novel to start reading novels to a kid.