Thursday, February 01, 2007

Library Stuff and More Music

Although it never occurred to me until I came to FIS, everyone there seems rather paranoid about whether or not libraries are becoming obsolete. So here are some reasons they're not:
33 Reasons Librarians are Still Important

Also, I'm having tons of fun at the OLA conference. I'm really sore from yesterday. I was there from 7 - 5 then had class from 6:30-9:00ish. Very stiff today. But I'm off to the conference now, 'cause the expo is so much fun and there are some helpful talks.

Here's some music to get you through the day.

Spike Jones
Coctails for Two
Clink Clink

Ladysmith Black Mombazo
you probably know them w/o knowing it :) Sesame St.
Graceland tour w/ intro by Paul Simon
Hello My Baby

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