Thursday, February 08, 2007

Continuing Education in Sesame St.

Some more Sesame St. skits :P

Gover Waiter
Doin' the Pigeon
Matrians discover Clock
Twiddle Bug - Stamp
Fuzzy and Blue
Super Grover - Bus Stop
Count Gets a Job
Teeny Little Super Guy
Cptn Vegetable
I don't want to live on the moon
Fat Cat
ppl in your neighbourhood
placido flamingo
dirty gultch
i love trash
imagine that
here is your life
2 headed monster
somebody come and play
heeeeeeeer fishy fishy fishy


Anonymous said...

hey chica!

thanks for the 'education'! i must admit i've seen 'elmo in grouchland' like a gazillion times... the little girl i used to babysit LOVED it and you know how kids watch things over and over and over (ad infinitum)!

kl ;)

Bubbles said...

Sesame St. is not quite the same, though. The old show is much better. I've watched it recently and it's really quite annoying now, but I'll still watch the old version.

Purple Mangos said...

If you ever find the Placido Domingo/ Placido Flamingo skit, let me know. I love that one.

Anonymous said...

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