Friday, February 23, 2007

Library Videos...and more

In retaliation for KL's March of the Librarians Video, I would like everyone, especially those mangoes who are scared of the moving shelves, just how fun moving stacks can be!

We tried to put Pigasus up tonight, but as he screws into the ceiling, this proved a bit awkward. Instead, he has taken up residence on top of my desk w/ a Shakespeare bobble head, a Black Knight plushie, and a stuffed lobster. I think he will be happy in his new home. When we have a ceiling we're allowed to put screws in, he will be able to fly properly :)

Also, a couple of other random videos I very much enjoy.

Isn't is a nice horse?

Karaoke for the Deaf
Peanuts - The Great Pumpkin (25 mins)

The Umbilical Brothers

The Muppets

Mah Nah Mah Nah

Swedish Chef collection - long

You Give Me Fever

The Gambler


Anonymous said...

can you please explain this whole moving shelves thing please? i have never seen such a thing! but why, why, why would you have such a thing? except for the obvious space saving reasons... books are so beautiful to look at - you could never see them with these things! but here's a more important question: has anyone ever been 'squished' inside the one of these things? or trapped? or 'pancaked'? :)

by the way, i'm so jealous... i haven't received by copy of 'go ask alice' yet. :(
but i suppose it wouldn't matter seeing as i'm so swamped with homework (super beurk!)

so i guess it's a video war now, huh? here's my retaliation!
- Library Ninja!

ok. my epic is over. back to studying (same me!)

kl ;)

Purple Mangos said...

"... the necessities of life, such as coffee, food, and e-mail." rotfl

Also, moveable stacks are evil.