Monday, October 04, 2004

well, this weekend was interesting....congrats to the scoring committee for getting rid of the watch dog. glad you got all that out of your system pi :)
didn't get back in time for the rehersal, hopefully i'll make it tonight so i can still do the show :S
maybe i should just take a cab from class to the hall.
writing an essay when my day finally ends some time near 11. that should be fun.
other than that, there really isn't much going on.
thanksgiving this weekend! classes canceled right left and centre that week, much less stressful :)
LOTS of family stuff to do this weekend. hopefully go out for 'lunch' w/ tanya and have desert w/ the osccsc.....sunday night good for ppl or is that when you're doing 'the dinner'?
tk wants to go to dutch dream/something like that 'cause it's closing down and they have apple pie flavoured ice cream. if not, what time is good for you (keeping in mind that i have too many families at the moment and very little in the way of a life)

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