Sunday, October 24, 2004

we went to the wit's end to see the caution donkeys (a scottish band) last night and relax. it was great. they used to do this thing where they raised their drinks and said 'comradship' and everyone yelled it back and drank. but they found that the word was getting boring so they now asked the audience for a new word every night. manda yelled out 'probaton' and the guitarist said 'what did she say?' so a couple of us yelled back 'PROBATON'. and he's like, 'what's that?!' and manda, ann, and chris yelled back 'greek for sheep' at which pt they said 'no more drinks for that table' and raised their glasses and the whole bar yelled 'PROBATON' and it was just WAY too funny.
they were really good and we had a great time.

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