Saturday, October 16, 2004

on fri morning pi had an itchy eye, but it didn't bother him too much w/ the contact in. when he got here that night he couldn't sleep w/o the contact in 'cause it felt like he had an eyelash attached to the inside of his eyelid.
this morning, since his eye was red and puffy and he obviously shouldn't keep the contact in i made him go to the dr. we went to a walk in clinic and the dr told us he had an infection b/c of the contact and we had to throw out the contact, the solution, all the cases, everything. he also has to be really careful about contacts from now on 'cause if he gets it infected again there can be complications.
so the dr perscibed drops. every 15 min for the first 3 hrs, which was fun. then every hour on the hour for the next 3 days (we're getting really good at putting them in and going on w/ what we were doing), then every 4 hrs for at least 2 weeks.
at this point, he had just one contact that he shouldn't have been wearing anyway and his glasses are in toronto. so we went to just about every optomotrist in london trying to get a pair of glasses so he could drive home....not too many places carry a -6 lense....when we did find a place that had them, but they wouldn't give him the lenses w/o a perscription. the optomotrist wasn't in and was booked into the middle of nov anyway 'cause eye exams aren't covered by ohip as of nov 1 (neither are chiropracters *sigh*). we then spent a fair amount of time looking for an optomotrist that was in and not booked solid on a sat afternoon.
we ended up doing an internet search for his usual eye dr in toronto, called them, and had them fax his perscription to the place that had a -6.5 and -6.75 lense in now pi has new glasses and he can't wear contacts for at least a month, probably 2.
i like them :) they're a lot nicer than his other pair

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