Wednesday, October 06, 2004

carmina's done
it's been a while since i've had an audience literally jump to their feet.
it was incredible!!!
sold out show
7 curtin calls
something extremely exciting about singing w/ 400 voices, a full orchestra, 2 pianos, a celest, and a percussian section that requires 5 ppl to keep it going :D
the soloists were AMAZING!!!!
esp the sop. she's 8 months pregnant!
anyone w/ a recording listen to the 21st track....there's no way i could do that! i don't have the breath control/the notes, nevermind the fact that she's 8 months pregnant.
for those of you who know terry, she struggles w/ this piece!!!
anyway, i'm on quite the adrenaline high, but i'm trying to calm down, so i'm going to go play a game and go to bed now
nn all (*)

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