Friday, June 22, 2007

Wedding Update and Cameras

Went to lsp's CD launch on Monday night :D We had a good time even though we had to leave early 'cause it was well past our bed time. Picked up the CD (of course).

Wedding plans are progressing nicely. We're finally down to the small stuff. All the big stuff will be done as of Sat afternoon. *phew*!!! There's still a million things to do, but the huge stressful stuff is done. (Though I guess licencing and alcohol shouldn't count as small stuff, the wedding will go on w/o them if necessary. It will not go on w/o rings or a dress :P)

Went for lunch w/ S and A yesterday in the market. I don't usually like vegetarian stuff (not being a fan of most vegetables) but the food was good and we had a good time. We then spent a few hours searching C.T. for floating candles and were very unsuccessful.

Last night we got cameras for the tables, continued our long and painful search for the right floating candles, and dropped my ring at the jewellers (I feel so weird w/o it!).

We also got to spend some wedding present money last night! We got a zoom lens for the camera and a tripod w/ a 3 way tilt. We had a tripod which is still great for light weight stuff, but after trying to film w/ it at conference this year, we REALLY needed something w/ a tilt for filming and any pan shots. We also got a replacement BBQ/Camp Stove because the one we had died. This is much more efficient. The previous one was going through almost an entire cylinder of gas in one meal just trying to stay lit. We had just enough money left over to pick up some coolers or refill some of the flagging bar stock so we can kick back and Oct. when we have some free time :P


Purple Mangos said...

Where have you gone for candles lately? Should I keep my eyes out? (Not that I plan on going shopping. Not really in any condition to, but you never know when I'll find myself running errands and such.)

Bubbles said...

I went all over China town w/ S and A and we didn't find anything. I've ordered some from the bridal store now, though. Hopefully those will do the trick. I think they come in next week. At least these ones are the right colours.