Monday, June 04, 2007


Since the last post we have gone to see Pirates of the Caribbean III, which was better than II, had the OSCC wrap up meeting (which was much less painful than usual), had lunch w/ old friends and met up elsewhere with others, been to the B twin's birthday party, started designing wedding rings, and been to a potluck/engagement party/general get together at N and D's.

Yesterday we were in L for JB's retirement concert, reception, etc. He more than deserves a wonderful retirement, but it is sad to see him go. I've worked w/ a TON of choral conductors, and he's wonderful to work with. Gets amazing results. Hopefully we'll get the photos up soon.


Purple Mangos said...

It wasn't _much_ less painful. Actually, I would say it was about as painful as it usually is.

Bubbles said...

I don't know. There was less yelling than usual.

Purple Mangos said...

There isn't usually yelling. There is usually arguing, which there was lots of, and wasting time, which there was even more of. Yelling is saved for special occasions.

Bubbles said...

oh well, there's been yelling at every one i've been to, so it was less painful for me than usual. besides, i played an entire chapter of diablo :P

there certainly was a lot of time wasting, though.