Monday, June 11, 2007


Yesterday was my first surprise anything! Bear, Mom, I&T, et al, managed to pull off a surprise wedding shower. I was so surprised when we arrived! Bear had been pushing buttons for weeks and even told me she was having so much trouble getting in touch w/ people that it might have to be cancelled! (It was supposed to be next week)

I had a great time and am now mostly recovered from the shock :D

Thank you to everyone for coming and for all your generous gifts! They are all fantastic. I now have to have a wine and cheese BBQ picnic w/ a huge shepherds pie, some kind of dessert squares, stew, and little chocolate dessert thingies :) Stu and I spent quite a lot of time cleaning out the kitchen so everything fits and there's room for more...we got carried away and forgot to have dinner :S

A special thanks to all the out of town people for driving in! It was great to have everyone there :D

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