Monday, April 23, 2007


Went to A.T.'s YPFIS end of year party yesterday and had a wonderful time :) Played games, had great food, talked w/ friends, generally relaxed on a beautiful day. Very much needed and enjoyed! Thanks A.T. and parents!

Happy birthday to mom-in-law (shortly to be) and her brother T this week.

Also, cleaned out the cottage on Sat. which was a bit sad for PI.

Still working on 2 papers.


Sayaka said...

Yeah, that was a great spring party. I feel almost convinced to joing YPFIS.
Cleaning cottage = sad for PI? PI loves mess?

Bubbles said...

No, though sometimes I wonder if he does love mess :P The family cottage was sold and we were taking what we wanted from it and starting to close it down.