Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fry and Laurie

It didn't occur to me to put Fry and Laurie on the previous movie blogs, so here's some now.

Hey Jude
Piano Master Class
Hugh Laurie is Dead
The Sophisticated Song
The Subject of Language

There's quite a bit more if you want to look it up yourself.


Bubbles said...

and, just for KL,

Anonymous said...

hey chica!

i'm sending the links of hugh laurie to my best friend - she's a HUGE fan of his, LOVES house; it's so weird to see him do comedy! have you seen stuart little?

by the way, thanks for the link above! it's literally laugh-out-loud funny!

later gator, kl ;)

Bubbles said...

Yes, I've seen Stuart Little....?

What's he saying in the link above?

Anonymous said...

cuz hugh laurie plays the dad in stuart little... just a totally different character than the one he plays in house.

hugh looks like an interpreter dressed in his tux, standing beside helen and so he plays one! and so helen gives him a hard word, which he does not (or "cannot") translate but simply pronounces it à la française, then helen gives him a long sentence which he simply renders as 'pfft 5'...

i guess it loses something in the translation... :P

kl ;)

Bubbles said...

I got that much out of it myself actually, I just wondered if he was saying the rest of the translation seriously.

Purple Mangos said...

He's serious but very french. (Uses very french turns of phrases, etc.) Didn't you learn french in school?

Bubbles said...

Just 'cause I took French in school until gr 10 doesn't mean I learned anything :P