Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me :D

I had quite a nice birthday despite being sick :) PI and I were both home sick on Friday together. We watched a couple of movies, played some Mario Galaxy and some Talisman (PI's new board game....a return from highschool).

On Sat (my actual birthday) I slept in, played more Mario Galaxy, made some crackers, and went to my parent's for dinner. Dinner was fantastic. They got a live lobster (very yummy) which went w/ roast chicken and potatoes, spring rolls a shrimp ring, mini quiche, dip, crackers, baked brie, corn, Champagne, wine, and probably some other food I've forgotten. We were all STUFFED. There was also fruit salad w/ whipped cream and home made fudge for dessert. Always the fudge!!! Love the fudge!!! I opened presents, and we played Trivial Pursuit before realizing it was late and we all needed some sleep...esp since we're all sick.

Today PI and I slept in even more, had a nice, if brief, morning together, then went down town. We had a very light lunch and went shopping. I really wanted to pick up Settlers of Catan and, while we were at our new favourite store (Hairy Tarantula) also found the Dilbert game, which we, of course, had to get! I spent the rest of my birthday money on The Muppet Show Season 2. We then went to the Eaton's centre because I only own 1 pair of pants at the moment....or I did until we went to the Eaton's centre. After that...the reason we were down town in the first place...PI had plans for me....we went to 360 for dinner! VERY yummy :) I had dill scones w/ mackerel and cucumber, smoked salmon, steak w/ mashed potatoes and gratin veggies, asparagus, and a chocolate tower. We also had a nice red wine with dinner. The view was great until the last half hr when the fog descended.

It was a great birthday. Unfortunately, classes start again tomorrow...but I don't have classes on Mondays :) See all you FIS-ers on Tues.


Purple Mangos said...

You went clothes shopping without me? *very hurt*

Bubbles said...

needed more than 1 pair of pants and a shirt for dinner. We're still going shopping.

Purple Mangos said...

Min went shopping without me, too. It was not a good shopping weekend for me.

Anonymous said...

happy bithday!

Anonymous said...

why not?