Monday, July 30, 2007


This weekend was, as usual, pretty busy. We went to a party at A's:

Church, a farewell picnic for P:
P's Farewell Picnic

And Shakespeare in the Park (Mid Summer Night's Dream) for Mom's birthday:
Shakespeare in the Park

We also had a practise run at my hairdo for the wedding, got bows to decorate the church, flowers and ribbons for the flower girl, clasps for my wedding dress, and went out for lunch at Bear's dumpling restaurant.

It was a good weekend, but I'm really tired now. Dentist this morning, then to work :(


Purple Mangos said...

Sorry we missed the park, but it would have been mean to leave SuperSis stranded at the airport on her first day home.

What did you do for cake?

Bubbles said...

That's ok, leaving people at the air port isn't nice. It's really good, I hope you enjoy it when you get a chance to see it.

we got 2 cakes at M&M's. They were both really good. You'd LOVE the chocolate one. It's basically just a frozen chocolate bar w/ bits of something that look like cake in it.

I don't know why the books are coming out squished now, but I'll try and fix it eventually.