Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Weekend Madness

Course registration was on Thurs. Both Mom and I successfully got into the courses we wanted, although there was some difficulty as they changed the schedule the day before registration. Although I checked the schedule to make sure they hadn't done that, they changed it in the afternoon and I checked it in the morning. For people with PhDs in organizing, it is the most disorganized school experience I've ever had.

On Sat. PI and I got up early to go to the plate rental place for the wedding. We now have plates, table cloths, etc. Note to anyone planning a wedding, plates are WAY more expensive than you think they'll be :P

After that we went to pick up Tree for the combined baby shower at the JRs. Yay photos!

When that was done and we'd taken Tree home, we went to SF's birthday party. We had a great time with Trivial Pursuit, Guitar Hero, chocolate fondue, cake....and took more photos!
S's Birthday

On Sun. we slept A LOT and arrived very late at Mom's to do wedding tables and go out for dinner. We went to Summerlicious at Auberge, and it was fantastic! If anyone can afford to eat there, possibly the best food in the city!


Anonymous said...


you can go find out which harry potter character you are most like:

is it who you thought you would be?

see ya tomorrow
kl ;)

Bubbles said...

No, I don't think it is who you thought it'd be. Who did you think?