Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I just spent the down time from writing 2 papers, a presentation, and a wiki page in the last 2 days reading some much deserved picture books.

Because I cannot figure out how to get the "currently reading" picture to rotate, I have decided to put the covers of the books I just read up here.


Anonymous said...

ah... fifi brind'acier! is this book part of a series? i remember (although quite vaguely!) watching the tv show/movie (?) when i was a kid, but i'm not sure if i ever read the book? darn those stats eating all my brain cells! :(

but i love david wiesner - talk about imagination!

kl ;)

Purple Mangos said...

Where's Goodnight, Moon!?

Bubbles said...

I love Goodnight, Moon, but it wasn't on my list. I was reading new stuff. Trying to catch up on some new reading I've been wanting to do.

Yes, KL, there's a movie and there used to be a cartoon too. The book was written in the 50s, so I'm sure it's what you're thinking of. The movie was great. There was one for each book and it was dubbed rather badly over the Swedish. I LOVED it as a kid. So did bear.

Purple Mangos said...

Does that mean The Snowy Day was new?! *shocked and appalled*

Bubbles said...

no, but I couldn't remember ever reading it myself, just having it read to me so it wasn't in my catalogue of things I'd read.