Thursday, November 11, 2004

well, the mozart requiem went really well last night. they had to turn ppl away at the door because they simply couldn't put any more in the cathedral. it was packed and extrenely hot. the gowns are really going to have to be dry cleaned before the next show.
the usual really long standing ovation and bringing out of the soloists (who were incredible, esp the bass) over and over while the choir's knees gave out.
our cds came out and i got a copy. a couple of the pieces we worked really hard on aren't on the cd, but it's a pretty good disk overall.
other than the fact that the concert went well the rest of the evening was in agreement with the rest of the week. i left my winter coat there as well as my mitts 'cause we were all so hot afterwards and it was such a nice night that it seemed natural not to have it. i went to the church to try and get it today but one of the choir moms took it home. no one knows whicih, so i'm frantically emailing around to ask...since i don't have a numbers list.
also, we had to wear poppies last night. not exactly being a fan of pins i usually have a small canada flag pin w/ a back so i'm not nervous about it all the time. since i left it in toronto this yr i just donated and wasn't wearing a poppy. i couldn't be the only one in the choir w/o one, esp in the front row, so the choir moms chased me down and decided to pin one on me. they were rather insistant and weren't listening very well and by the time they'd managed to back me into a wall and pin the stupid thing to me i had burst into tears...which was more than slightly embarrasing.
i'm going back to re-researching my papers now since my files aren't accessable.

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