Monday, November 15, 2004

weekend started really well! pi arrived about 5 hours earlier than i was expecting him :D got some time off work and surprised me! yay! /me cuddles pi
well, i now have at least a working computer.
lost a ton of files though :( most of my music.
aparently future shop needs to take murgatroid for about 2 weeks if they're going to give me a new harddrive on that will be done over xmas.
THANK YOU pi *snuggle* for giving me a working computer again w/ most of my files.
also got my coat back this weekend.
went for some driving lessons, learned 3 pt turns.
went to the huds production fri night. funny and, as they said, in places offensive....the immitation of dr read by asher was HILLARIOUS and dead on. i'm not sure how funny he found it, but it was REALLY good!
i didn't really need to see dr conter in only a towel though....better than the speedo from last year i guess :S

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