Monday, September 27, 2004

i hate bell!
they are stupid and useless!
i got back to london this weekend to find that the phone had stopped working as had the internet. they're aparently not related since the internet stopped working on saturday and the phone on friday and the net's back up now, but that, too, is just stupid. the phone sounds like there's a phone off the hook somewhere in the house. we've checked every jack and phone and there's isn't a phone off the hook. if you try to call me you'll currently get a busy signal. as this is only the continuing saga of the bell screw up i don't expect to recieve a bill for this month's services on phone OR internet! *grrrrrrrrrrrrr*

in other news, this weekend was probably more interesting that it should have been.
i came home after class on wed to see a concert that pi and i had won tickets for at pi's cousin's stag and doe this summer. it was a good show and we had fun. (i do'nt have classes on thurs). i was going to spend friday doing my readings for class since i certainly have enough of them. but as i was sitting down to do them fish came online and, since i hadn't seen her in 5 months and she just happened to be home from school on friday we made lunch plans...which evolved into late in the afternoon plans....which evolved into dinner plans....pi and i got home at about 1 am. as it was yom kippur and a friday we had a nice meal w/ fish's brothers and 3 or 4 friends that dropped in. pi met us at fish's house after he had finished work...and would have been there sooner had he not had an adventure - which i'll let him tell - on the way.

on sat we slept in since it was the only day we'd have to do so....and we'd gotten home at 1...and that was great. then we went to my parent's place for the 'first annual dodge rd street festival'. it was organized by a neighbour down the street who realized he didn't know anyone in the neighbourhood and invited everyone to his front yard for dinner. it was a lot of fun, but it took us a long time to get over there. dad, pi, and i left the house and made it as far as the end of the porch before i asked pi if he had his keys...which we decided it wasn't worth it to go back for. then we made it as far as the end of the drive way before dad realized that, although he had put the food in containers to take to the bbq, he had not removed said containers from the counter, so we went back for them. then, once outside, but before we locked the door this time, we figured we should go back for pi's keys. we made it to the corner before mom pulled up behind us and honked and we had to go back to get her. on the next attempt we made it to the steps in the middle of the lawn before she realized she needed money and we went back for some. the bbq was basically uneventful. one of the ladies had a fireman for an husband and he came by w/ a truck and let the kids climb all over it which was really nice.
we left early 'cause we were supposed to be going to the opera that night (lucia de lammermore). mom passed out the tickets and went upstairs to change. pi, sitting on the stairs mentioned that he thought mom had said that the show started at 8...but his ticket said we rushed out of the house at just a bit after 7 and still managed to make it there 15 mins early. when the opera was over and got back to the car the door was wide open. turns out that dad had locked it and just simply forgot to bother shutting it...good thing the light was already burnt out or we'd have had no battery to start the car with! on our way out (via the church street exit so that bear could show us where her bf worked) we got behind this lady trying to put her receipt in the slot and get out of the parking lot. we were the only ones behind her when we arrived, but by the time the attendant got ticked enough to come and see what was going on there were 7 cars behind us. turns out she was supposed to have collected a ticket to put in the slot when she'd paid and the receipt wouldn't have fit anyway. so the attendent let her out since she'd paid and dad stuck his credit card in the slot. then the screen said that he had paid and taken his credit card, but he couldn't get it out of the slot. when he finally did claw it out of the slot i don't want to know how many ppl were behind us. the gate wouldn't open. the attendent, looking extremely pissed off came and took our receipt out of the machine at which pt the gate opened and we left. we got home at midnight.

on sunday we got up early so that i could do a demo and, after that, drove to pi's parent's place. i had my first souffle, which i liked and will have to learn to make, a nice sit and talk on the porch in lovely weather, a fairly long nap, and tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner. we arrived in london at about discover that bell is more annoying than i thought possible!

class today
i'm done now

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