Thursday, September 09, 2004

hello all you ppl going back to school :D
i'm back and (no "i told you so"s ppl) it's good to be back
7 of us went out for ice cream at demetry's last night and it was, as per usual w/ that company, hillarious.
as per usual i also hate bell and they've screwed everything up.
they lost the order to transfer the line so i didn't have a phone when i got here and had to wait 2 days for it to get here, they hooked my internet up to a number that doesn't exist, billed me $30 for it, and told me i can't have internet for at min 3 more days now 'cause they can't hook up the net to a non-existant number (even though i have an active number now and it had been set up on a canceled number for over a week) after pi spending over half an hr on the phone today tryign to sort it out we gave up and drove to a bell store where we got the run around in person in much less time! very exciting *gak*
oh well
currently working on a very interesting hack job that gives me dial up....waiting.....waiting.....
classes start tomorrow and after that i go back to toronto until sun night 'cause of pi's brother's birthday.
back to london sun night
back to toronto wed night 'cause pi has to work on thurs
back to london thurs night after work 'cause i have class on fri
back to toronto fri night 'cause we have to be in toronto on sat and sun....sept is a bit of a right off as far as organization goes *sigh* some things never change

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