Wednesday, December 17, 2003

well, i'm not officially home
at my parent's house and everything
*sigh* i think it's good to be back
has everyone seen my sister lately? *worried*
oh well, we'll see what i can do there :S
had a wonderful weekend (thanks love) finally beginning to feel like me again...been a while....

had the scare of my life tonight
smitty said he guessed i was back in london for the exam
i said no, i was in toronto
he said, but we have an exam tomorrow
made him phone the info desk
turns out he was wrong....he had a bit of a break down
i think he's ok, but there's nothing i can do from here regardless
so the crew will re-assess after the break and see what we can do. *sigh* why does everyone seem to think i'm some sort of weird psychiatrist?!

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