Tuesday, December 09, 2003

to make ppl quite...and 'cause it's dec now...here i am again *sigh*
you know this is silly, i talk to you all every day! all day sometimes! it's not as if you're not all caught up!
oh well
i just got back from grammy's having done NO work and now i've got 2 essays to do and i'm going to be stressed out until friday...when i'll hopefully have written 2 essays and an exam and be able to go home!
grammy's was great....in part 'cuase i didn't do any work.
grammy meant it about the lobster. we had entire lobsters 2 nights in a row. snow crab legs the other 2, and veil the last. kippers every day for breakfast, baked brie, smokes salmon, asparagus w/ every meal, escargot, mussles, smoked haddock, home made mince meat tarts, xmas cake, egg nogg, chocolate...lots of chocolate....i know i'm forgetting something...oh well, you get the idea.
we watched movies too :) lawrence of arabia (2 tapes), dr. zhivago (2 tapes), all the king's men, the red shoes, key largo, a room with a view, gone with the wind (2 tapes), napoleon (2 tapes)...i think that's it, but i'm not entirely sure. i have a list here somewhere.......
well, it was a great weekend but i'm really glad to be back, i missed you all sooooooooo much!!! *sigh* home soon!

there...happy? *grin*

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