Tuesday, October 14, 2003

well tg was certainly interesting. got off to a rocky start. grandma's feeling better, but her hemoglobin count is still down which means there's still internal bleeding so she's staying in hospital probably 'till wed at least. she's in the university h though so i can visit b/w classes. dinner at my place was good. decided lack of comments from everyone except nick which was a welcome surprise...and even nick wasn't that bad. 21 for dinner is a bit squishy in my house, but we've done worse. breakfast sun was good too...we really need to find a breakfast place that's actually open for breakfast (what a thought!) church was alright but someone needs to get robert an editor....or a speach writer....or let ted preach 'cause robert certainly shouldn't. he should just admit defeat and start his sermons once upon a time *sigh* sunday dinner was great too...i think i'm going to have to admit defeat and say that i enjoy meeting ppl :) monday desert, always a good thing...sandy can you mail that recipe to derek when you get around to typing it? if you can't read my writing tell me and i'll see if i can figure it out. i still haven't gotten a phone bill and it's worrying me....has anyone noticed that i'm feeling REALLY talkative today? sandy, is that a good sign or not? anyway, mon desert...*yay* also ha phi, you like nurtz afterall...i know i spelled it differently on your comments, sandy, but it's all made up, it doesn't have a proper spelling. ...note, this does not count as a shhhh.... will hopefully remember to look at the opera schedule for nov/dec and see when i'm likely to be in TO again. will let everyone who reads this know is a more immediate way...probably....hope you all get set up w/ mics and all asap :) yay...*small panic about the phone bill moment* ok, now i'm rambling.....i'm going to stop now

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