Friday, October 31, 2003

well, it's 2 pm and i've now been up for 9 hrs. so i feel like it's about dinner time. time to be winding down certainly...*sigh* stupid new pl (which is the equivalant of the new vr in toronto). it was a 6.15 am call 'cause they didn't know when we'd go on air. we weren't on air until 8. we did 2 sets of 4 mins each. i got home at about 1/4 to 9 and had to leave for class at 10. someone want to tell me if i had breakfast today? i can't remember and i feel like having dinner now. yay jetlag! :( i'd prefer to have at least been somewhere exciting to be 4 hrs off! where could i go that has a 4 hr time difference? i should take a vacation while i don't have to get used to a new timezone!

ii, they weren't filming at your photo reh were they? trust me, (seeing as i was right about the photos) ppl filming is WORSE!!! they've got BIG cameras and they like to get in your face. you can't tell where they're aiming the thing either :P

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