Monday, August 04, 2008

Exciting Summer!

I've now had a month at my job and am loving it :) The staff is great, I'm doing what I want to be doing, it's lots of fun, etc. Last week was a bit silly, but I had a nice break this weekend w/ the long weekend and next week is IFLA, so I should be fine for a while!

Went to the same awesome concert as PM and MT.

PI and I signed a lease on Sat, so we'll be getting around to moving in the near future. That should be fun :P We'll have much more space and it's PERFECT for getting to work.

E, T, e, and A were here from BC last week and we had a good time celebrating mom's birthday as well as Mrs. H's 90th! We also went for dinner, played w/ e, etc. and generally caught up.

J and J are here from Aus and we went to the zoo today! PI and I showed J2 around the city a bit yesterday and had some fun. We also went geo-cashing yesterday, which was fun. We'd never done that before.

REALLY looking fwd to N&D's wedding on Fri!!!

Generally, life is exciting...but then, it always is!


Purple Mangos said...

You should be careful with the geo-cashing. There have been some problems with geo-cashers and police bomb/narc squads (understandably so), and you wouldn't want to get into any kind of trouble while still on probation at work.

If they sort out the impression problems, though, it seems like it would be fun.

Anonymous said...

hey those pics are really nice