Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I am done, done done!
I got my last paper in last night (a bit late, but had an extension) and am mightily relieved. So, what's been happening since my last post?
First, the birthdays: Happy Birthday to GH, Aunt J, TD, MCL, and NR.

We had the office party last Thursday.
We had the Star Christmas Fund. I don't know how much we made yet, but it was great. The Staff Band was particularly good this year. Their percussion made my day!
Star Christmas Fund

We also had the crazy snow storm....so pretty! I want to go tobogganing!

And PI and I made a turkey! The former room mates +SOs were supposed to come for a Christmas dinner, but, given the storm and the driving in from L....no go. In the process of rescheduling. Turned out to be a good thing. We needed a practise run w/ the turkey. It would have been a bit small for everyone too. So, getting another turkey and hopefully trying again next week!

And now...let the baking begin!!!


Purple Mangos said...

That last one is a very scary picture.

Did you stuff between the skin and the bird? Makes it all soft and yummy.

Bubbles said...

I think so, yes.