Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekend's Almost Gone :(

Well, it's been an exciting weekend, and now it's almost over.

On Sat. my dad hired PI and I for our first ever professional photo shoot. He wanted photos of his band for cover art, slide shows, etc. so we went down to a park and took photos of them in various poses on trees, rocks, bridges, etc. It was fun and exciting and, combined w/ wedding present gift certificates, we managed to obtain a proper travel case for our camera gear! No more being scared of airline attendants throwing the camera gear around or crushing the camera when we're going on car trips!

Sat. was also the patronal feast at church, so we sang at that but couldn't afford dinner, so we didn't stay.

Sun. was service as usual. They're not going well. There are too many changes that seem to be happening 'cause the place needs change and for no other reason, and I don't like most of them. At least the choir seems to be looking up. The new guy is great :)

After service PI and I went to the Shoe Museum 'cause we had a free pass and he's never been. We didn't really have time today 'cause I'm supposed to be studying for a ridiculous exam, but the pass runs out Oct. 31 and it was a nice walk!

The only real downer this weekend (apart from the studying) is that I've put my back out and am in rather a lot of pain. Hopefully that goes away soon.

...and PI found this video....I want lessons in graphic design or something!


Anonymous said...

this video is AWESOME!!!!

i want to work in graphic design now!!!!!

kl ;)

ps - good luck tomorrow

MotivatedTea said...

Even more changes? What was new this week? (I was sick.)

Bubbles said...

nothing new this week really except insisting that we stand through the prayers, but I haven't blogged about it before and it's really starting to get to me.

Anonymous said...

hey chica,

i would never have had any clue to what this article was about if it had not been for you and your blog...

later gator,
kl ;)