Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Honeymoon Photos

So, for our honeymoon we went to Greece. While we were there we stayed w/ AT's parents. They were super helpful. They picked us up from the air port, showed us around, drove us everywhere and everything. We couldn't have done as much without them.

Honeymoon - Athens

Honeymoon - Sunion

Honeymoon - Kea

Honeymoon - Delphi

Honeymoon - Leaving Greece

We also went to Italy (and spent 10 minutes in Austria). Also much thanks do EDS. We stayed with him in his lovely house in N Italy and saw a lot we wouldn't have seen without him.
Honeymoon - Pompii and Naples

Honeymoon - Rome

Honeymoon - Florence

Honeymoon - N. Italy

Honeymoon - Venice

And had a 2 day layover in London.
Honeymoon - London

Another thanks is owed to KB for the use of her guide to Europe. It helped us find some excellent places to stay and two of the best places to eat we've ever been.

We had an amazing time, but our feet hurt and it's good to be home.
None of these photos are edited yet. There is a lot of stitching to be done and some lighting and other stuff to correct. That will take some time.


Anonymous said...


what in the world is a grilled lamp?!!! maybe i'll have boiled goat soup, or 'spanice-pie' cheese! yum-yum... :p

kl ;)

Bubbles said...

I wasn't sure, but I thought it'd probably be pretty crunchy :D