Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, 'cause I certainly did.

Some of us sang at the Star Christmas fund concerts which were an ENORMOUS success (as you can see from PM's blog), the same "some of us" and some others went caroling on the 23rd and raised some money for Sick Kids. That was a great way to start Christmas as we made one poor guy so happy he cried and made a lot of other people happy as well. We also got to sing together, have some good food, then go back for hot chocolate and figgy pudding which was exciting and excellent :)

Christmas eve was PI and my Christmas morning since we don't have any other good time to open the presents to each other and the cat. Then church, then the last of the wrapping before dinner at bear's friend's parent's place (which we do every year). Then we all leave for midnight mass together. I have enjoyed mass as long as I've been allowed to go. The best years were w/ PM when we were serving and got to tear apart little pieces of the cedar rope to keep the Christmas smell in the stalls for the whole service and pretend we were part of the choir. The year we set a poinsettia on fire stands out as an excellent one as well *grin* This year was my first in the choir and it was a lot of fun. I enjoy being part of the services again.

After midnight mass (and some drinking in the choir room) we went back to my parents. It's still nice to wake up at their place xmas morning and go downstairs together as a family to see what Santa left us :) This year, instead of buying it I made our traditional Christmas breakfast, schtollen. It turned out really well, which was also exciting. PI and I went home at lunch to spend some time w/ the cat and give him his last present, then went back to my parent's house for Christmas dinner.

Boxing day this year was spent w/ PI's mom's side of the family. That's always fun as there are 4.8 (B is very pregnant) small kids around making things very exciting. They're so well behaved too! I want B and K to raise my kids!

The food all 'round was excellent and I hope PI is alright at work today 'cause I'm exhausted!

Looking fwd to the New Year party and hope that MT and PI bring R 'cause I think she'll have a great time and she's a lot of fun too. Then it's my birthday and back to school.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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