Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Happy Thanks Giving everyone :)
We had a wonderful tg weekend with TONS of turkey. On sat we had lunch w/ MT and PM at a dim sum place that wasn't the thai place we were aiming for, but was dim sum and, therefore, by definition, good. After that PI and I went to my parent's for the friends/family thanks giving dinner. After church on Sun which was...entertaining to say the least (and during which PI vacuumed the car)...we drove to K for tg dinner #2 at grammy's. That too was good, but I fell asleep watching the movie after dinner. Dinner #3 was with PI's mother's side of the family. Kid number 5 is currently on the way, and all of the oher kids are growing up to be apparently exceptionally well behaved! PI and I were both exhausted and stuffed when we got home and we went to bed early.

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