Monday, August 28, 2006

Well, this was an exciting, if long, week.
On Sunday I got my wedding dress! Very exciting. Since PI also reads this occassionally, all i can say is, it's white! Now I have to get shoes.
On Monday we had the end of the summer, yay we've almost hit 5000 projects, congrats Max, you've written your exam, buy Bubbles, buy D, Hello PI party. Hooray for parties. I think I'm still digesting all the food I ate.
On Wed we had the anual building bbq. There was a lot of food, but we don't know very many ppl in the building, so we left early as there was no one to talk to.
On Thurs bear invited us over for dinner to continue her "learning to cook" dinner series. As she left for university on Fri I made her green tea ice cream. It turned out quite well.
On Sat we went to buskerfest and had an AMAZING time. There were tons of great acts :)

Sunday was the Howard's 24th anual island picnic. It rained quite a bit in the morning, but we eventually made it out to the party and had a great time.

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