Thursday, June 22, 2006

May 23 - Today we went to Australia Zoo. While I don't like the Crocodile Hunter, he has an amazing zoo! The animals are really well looked after there. More than I've seen in any other zoo. While we were there we spent some time w/ a cockatoo, pet a wombat, pet kangaroos, fed elephants, and saw a snake show, bird show, 2 tiger shows, and a crocodile show. The most amazing animal they had there, though, was Harriet. She's the oldest living animal in captivity. She came to Australia with Darwin and is now about 175 yrs old! Harriet is a giant Galapagos land tortise.

May 24 - Today we went down to the beech to watch the pelicans being fed. I became somewhat obsessed w/ pelicans while we were in Australia. They're so BIG!!!

We later walked along the beech and played w/ the shells and looked for other small animals. We found some inhabited shells and watched them, more pelicans, and some very small water snakes, but no crabs.

We also got our photos from the underwater dive developed. While we were picking them up we noticed another dive shop in the same mall. They had much better, reusable underwater cameras on sale. We got one w/ a choral flash which should improve the colours in our photos by quite a bit.

May 25 - Today we went to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. This was definitely one of my favourite things on the trip. You get to feed lorikeets which are a local species of parrot. They live in the protected land in and around the sanctuary and, when it's feeding time, come in flocks to eat practically out of your hand. The staff give you a plate of a whey like product and they land on it, on your hands, arms, head, anywhere they can to try and get a drink.

We also held bearded dragons, a baby crocodile, pet more kangaroos, and a possum.

There were a lot more shows to see and we watched the bird show, snake show, totaly wild show, Tasmanian devil show, and aborigional dance show. Also, their echidna was up and wandering around as was the Tasmanian devil, which was nice as it doesn't happen often.

After Currumbin we went out to this Teppanyaki bar for dinner with the same friend of j's that joined us at Lone Pine. Dinner was fabulous (probably one of PI's favourite activities :P) and a lot of fun. They make all the food in front of you and throw a lot of food around too. It was especially fun when they started using their spatula to toss eggs at us while we tried to catch them in bowls.

We also managed to get ourselves in the newspaper that night. There was a photographer wandering around doing a feature on what people did in Redcliffe.

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